Day 17 In Search of my Blogging Identity “Organizational Overload”

“Evidence of a procrastinator: “I sit here contemplating everything I want to do this weekend—I think my plan, I work my plan, and then I turn on the TV.”

This weekend’s main goal was taking down the Christmas decorations and putting my house back together. I know the job is way overdue but I have struggled to recuperate from a cold. I even mulled over the idea of leaving them up all year due to the overwhelming task this is. But alias, here I am still in pajamas late in the afternoon writing another post and rationalizing doing so because I actually worked on the house for thirty minutes. 

When confronted with organizational overload, I would rather be doing anything else; like sitting in a field of poppies or picking wild flowers (just not organizing).


At times I am a procrastinator; especially when it has to do with any “household type chores.” I so dread them. I’m like a kid who wants to play all day. So if there are any other procrastinators out there, I understand and this post is for you!

For us creative eclectics, added stress comes from all of those art and writing projects saved for the weekend when we are just sure we will have more time.

I could even go for sunning on a rock. Yet in spite of my lack of forward momentum, beginning the day with writing was (and always is) a must. If I do nothing else, I do write.

So for all of those other ambitious writers reading this, I suggest taking an online break and visiting this wonderful blog, This site provides many links for aspiring writers and posts from contributing authors.

Blog learning noted: Finding your blogging identity takes time much like figuring out your future book’s audience.

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