Day 18 In Search of my Blogging Identity “Finding Kindred Spirits”

Here I am, all alone. My husband has gone to work and I am in blissful solitude! A Monday vacation day stretches before me unfettered. Quiet of soul, I so need this writing time!    

One of my favorites:"Happiness" statue created by Susan Lordi


My blogging identity quest has proven far more time-consuming than anticipated  due to working fulltime. Nevertheless, I feel the urge to continue because of the wonderful artistic discoveries gleaned and people met. Everyday, I search for like-minded, kindred spirits with a passion for what they enjoy.   

"The Element" by author Ken Robinson


Yes, it is time to find “My Tribe,” as author and creativity expert Ken Robinson describes in his book, The Element. His fascinating insights urge me to continue searching for other writers and artists who I can share with along this sometimes lonely path.   


What I want is the return conversation resulting from putting your honest reflections out there in Blog Land. Just as my soul resonates while doing something I love, I like reading other people’s insights about what they enjoy.  


Comments Welcome!

I welcome comments about which aspects of the blog you like and do not like. Critique is inherent in my occupation as a teacher so I say “bring it on!” It will not discourage me but only help redirect my future posts.  


The Valentine’s Day photos got me in the mood for the next holiday. Kana’s artistry is amazing!    

Blog learning noted: Time to create some Valentine’s Day inspiration to post.   

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