Day 19 In Search of my Blogging Identity “What Inspires You?”

The thought just occurred to me that I wonder what inspires my blog readers. Where do you go for encouragement? Have you any thoughts on the subject?


Life is far too difficult and dreary to go it alone. We need words spoken by caring souls to find meaning beyond the mundane.


So feel the freedom to send me personal insights and photos at I will post those I feel applicable to a particular blog conversation.

Recently, I emailed two authors whose books inspired me. Daniel Pink who wrote  A Whole New Mind Moving from the Informational Age to the Conceptual Age and Ken Robinson, the author of The Element HOW FINDING YOUR PASSION CHANGES EVERYTHING.  

Though both are world-renowned writers and public speakers, I needed to express my appreciation for such inspirational and insightful books. Whether or not my emails ever finds their way before them matters not. The fact that I expressed my heartfelt thanks was beneficial for me.

Taking the time to tell someone they inspired you makes this world a far more happy place!

One Reply to “Day 19 In Search of my Blogging Identity “What Inspires You?””

  1. So you love good books. I want to share you a book that inspires me a lot: A Rich Man’s Secret by Ken Roberts. It’s a short novel but has full of wisdom. 🙂


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