Day 21 In Search of my Blogging Identity “Women of Wisdom Arise”

“I am but a vessel… on a good day…of what heaven speaks…truth integrated into life…but on a bad day…

Do you believe we can be like a pitcher pouring inspiring words for thirsty souls? We not being truth but housing truth? Perhaps this concept troubles some because they know what they are like on a bad day. Yet, if a youth can write such pensive thoughts as featured in yesterday’s post, then cannot this be a possibility?

This morning I am thinking about women of wisdom. Those aged of years yet youthful of heart. Of course, my mother being the foremost sparkling gem of truth in my life. Her words of wise counsel never-ceasing to flow from a heart’s vessel filled to the brim.

Her best friends also fill with truth and serendipitous life experiences. Marty, a gifted artist and nurturing soul, is visiting from Washington State. I want to interview her this weekend to glean from her heavenly insights. Her creative life cultivated over a lifetime captured in photographs and a video clip for my creativity site in process. Her paintings speak of divine mysteries while delighting the eye with magnificent scenes.

Another jewel in heaven’s crown is Lonnie; a woman who gleaned wisdom from tremendous suffering and yet never ceases to smile. Many enjoy the privilege of talking to this wonderful woman while gazing into those warm, soft brown eyes pooling with kindness. She is also a magnificent artist whose canvas is her life and the lives of others.

Linda is a woman of wisdom whose writing I have featured through excerpts on my blog. Reading her reflections is like feasting on a banquet for soul. The mind expands while the heart calms. To her I say, “I want more!”

There is not enough space to honor all of those coming to mind. Yet this post inspires stretching my blogging identity to include feature pages on the new creativity site for these women of wisdom. Perhaps their full vessels will pour into the hearts of the inexperienced. Youth with “old souls” whose desire for truth drives them to ponder beyond frivolous things.

Arise oh women of wisdom. We need the words of what heaven speaks housed in your hearts. This is essential in a culture feeding off of fear, controversy, and foolishness. Your time to inspire is now!

Blogging Quest Adventure:
A wonderful, uplifting blog combining priceless treasures, artistic projects, interesting adventures, and family photos. This blog resonated with my emerging style because of the eclectic nature of the posts.

Blogging learning noted: Yes, I am a hopeless creative eclectic who must find some way to include all that I love!

3 Replies to “Day 21 In Search of my Blogging Identity “Women of Wisdom Arise””

  1. I’m humbled at your tribute and honored to be in the company of these women, my friends and sisters. The tears are sweet.


  2. I am not old, but I’ve lived a rich youth. I am honored to find this blog. I am excited to find like-minded women who want to ring out the bell that calls them to the deeper mystery within the ordinary! You have a fantastic vision, not that different from my own. I am delighted to make your blogging identity acquaintance.

    D. Ogyen


    1. D. Ogyen, thank you for visiting and for leaving such an amazing comment. Your description of my blog encouraged me because this is what I desired to create. “…like-minded women who want to ring out the bell that calls them to the deeper mystery within the ordinary.” WOW! I love how you put into words what resides within my heart. I look forward to visiting your blog!!!


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