Day 22 “Time for Exploration!”

Today was surreal. Many unexpected occurences happened so quickly that I could not filter them all while in the midst of work. Students brought me poems they wrote; quite profound for middle schoolers. A colleague informed me of an opportunity knowing my passion for developing technology trainings. My editor left a cheery message with an encouraging complement, possible completion date, and suggested title change. My best friend called with possibilities for our long-dreamt about nonprofit idea to raise funds for literacy…and on the list goes…         


How ironic that just last night I visited one of my favorite blogs, “everything vintage,” and was inspired by her newly posted travel photos and reflections.       

A sense of adventure is in the air and my senses snap to attention.         

Elya creeping around a cemetery


One of the most precious gifts I received last night was a comment from the student whose free verse I posted yesterday. You truly must read it! Today she softly smiled telling me how featuring her poetry brought tears to her eyes. Such a precious gift these words were to me. So in the spirit of adventure, here is the post written this morning:         

Elya and her friends!


There is something about traveling to a foreign country with young adults that renews one’s sense of adventure. Last summer, my son worked in Buenos Aires, Argentina for three months and my daughter, her friends, her boyfriend, and I went to visit.         


What a wonderful and crazy time! However, I must admit it was challenging to travel overseas again after seventeen years stateside. Broadening my borders took some doing.         


Even before we left, I couldn’t find my passport. After three days of futile tearing about every part of our house, garage, and shed, I fell to the floor in a heap. You know those times when you beat your chest and moan, “Oh God help me, and I will serve you forever!” Then this miraculous inkling came to pull the nightstand drawer totally out and off the runner. There it was stuck under where the drawer was.         


So off we went only to have my luggage lost for days. Try wearing your daughter’s miniature clothes that are sizes too small (and it was cold in Argentina!). One positive was learning that I could live without my comforts for five days.       

Too vain to show my disheveled self due to no blow dryer or make up!


In spite of the upsets, I had the time of my life and will never forget the adventure. My children and their friends renewed my youth and sense of adventure.         

The apples don't fall far from the tree!


So this next season of my blogging identity quest must include venturing out into some new places.         


My husband and I have several trips planned that will include photo shoots and fun. Obvious qualities my own children have mastered!      


Blog adventure: I followed Angela Bryant’s comment to her blog      

I thoroughly enjoyed her inspiring reflections and vivid photography.      

Blog Learning Noted: I definitely feel drawn to seperating inspirational pieces with lots of photos!

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  1. Jodee, I have been reading your blog this evening and have enjyed your writing very much. I love to discover new blogs and this is certainly a treat for me. Thank you so much for stopping by my place and leaving footprints back to yours for me to follow.


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