Day 23 “The Shadows”

“Our writing is only as interesting as our living—
Whether in life, in dreams, or in our imagination!          


Those of us privileged to live larger than our routines will find a new world opening up to us. I say privileged because some wispy thought from someone told us there was more. We dared believe and the rest is creative history!          

Andy, Jon, and Elya


There are seasons when withdrawing from the crowd is essential. Whether we need time to heal, reflect, or create, dwelling in “The Shadows” is the right choice. Play and ponder are part of these preflight rituals. Those often spending time in the mind will find fascinating flights with fancy if willing to linger.          



Then the challenge of emerging from “The Shadows” presents. For the aspiring writer, artist, photographer, musician etc…, new experiences fill darkened places with fresh images, ideas, and enthusiasm.          




If it wasn’t for my husband, I would shrink into a feeble old woman before my time. Living in the shadows is such a delight for me I could stay there indefinitely. He coaxes me out of my hovel to explore new places and interesting people.          




We also write from our dreams. This may come naturally for some if dreaming is part of your creative collection. Here are a few tips I use. I contemplate before drifting off to sleep. Perhaps asking God what life adventure may come tomorrow. If a problem perplexes, I stop to ask why.          



Often one-liners come to mind during these quiet moments. I set my spiral notebook, pen, and cell phone on nightstand. This way I can easily roll over and write the ideas down while not disturbing my husband. A tiny handheld tape recorder captures unexpected songs.          




Awakening in the night with idea-filled dreams provides an endless muse. You can even train yourself to hold thoughts captive while still groggy so you can awaken enough to roll over and write.          




Imagination continues with daylight if we take the time to welcome these wispy visitors. Sneak away some place where stillness waits. Free flow write whatever comes to mind remembering to refuse any temptation to analyze. Author Julia Cameron teaches readers to write “Morning Pages” in her book, The Right to Write. In time, she convinced me of the value of consistency for the aspiring writer.          

Imagination reappears intermittently. For some artistic people I know, thoughts come most readily at day’s end. For others, the desire to write occurs before falling asleep. My daughter, Elya, describes bursts of inspiration as entire dialogues with settings come to mind late at night while she writes.          




Whenever a student expresses a desire for writing, I give them a spiral notebook to take home. Simple stories of how writing ideas come to me taken as possibilities. Their child-like openness keeps me humble knowing the magic happens with open hearts.          

Some begin a writer’s life by scribbling tumultuous feelings in journal pages. In time, inspiration softly rests upon their open hands.          


Blogging Quest:          

This site is full of amazing photos so soft and feminine. I felt rejuvenated reading the posts and viewing June’s collection of unique collectibles and creations.

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