Day 29: “The Key”

Is our destiny like a ring of keys? Does each hold the promise of opening a door of possibility? If so, are we responsible for engraving unique patterns into the metal or merely buffing what God has already etched until it slides into the lock? 


Recent comments left by my dear friend Linda got me thinking. Perhaps my perspective needs to change. I see the right turn due to a locked door while she sees a door of possibility. She believes I can find the key and open the door. I like her view far better. 


I do not have a problem with working hard. In fact, my best friend, Barbie, repeatedly tells me that one day I will succeed due to resiliency. She lauds the tenacious character quality that spurs devoting incalculable hours to tasks deemed worthy. 


Recently, she provided another insight concerning successful entrepreneurs. She claims they wear “rose-colored glasses.” Let me explain, (and Barbie feel free to correct this interpretation if need be) entrepreneurs tend to see possibilities and then work hard to bring them about.   


In contrast, I think I am merely “walking with my head in the clouds” and tripping over barriers I fail to see. Perhaps an accurate character assessment lies somewhere between both descriptors. 

I also received insightful advice from one of my writing heros, cousin Cynthia. I sure hope you don’t mind me quoting your brilliance here, Cinny, but this piece of advice made my day! 

“I just wanted to give you a big hug and tell you to breath… relax and stay off that linear destiny energy mode…and keep writing.” 

Thank you for reminding me of who I am and how I roll…definitely NOT LINEAR!!! Just give me a guitarist and an eclectic restaurant in Uruguay and I am in bliss! 

I'm an eclectic at heart!


I want to find the key Linda speaks of and rediscover that perpetual optimism Barbie sees in me. 


The spatial, free JoDee wants to cast off all this linear nonsense (or at least as much as I can and still make revisions). 

I will return to the door and try to open it until knuckles bloody. If needed, take the key back to the grinding machine of rewrites until the shape God intends  finally opens the lock. 


Yes, I would rather see a door of possibility and not a right turn—if what resides on the other side will change the world! I would even persist if just one other soul needed a little help in unlocking his or her own door of possibility! 

Blogging Identity Quest: I traced back a comment to and found the author’s post: “What if I encountered a Guerilla Artist” (January 29).   

This post touched a part of me that I never knew existed. I could envision the Guerilla Artist studying her subject while painting in a café. Her self-discovery and bold abandonment in pursuing this passion renewed my heart and hope. I long for such a revolutionary identity discovery! Kudos to writer “Slam Dunk” for this amazing post!

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