Day 30 “I Feel Pink!”

I feel pink today!     


As I rifled through South American travel photos for yesterday’s post, the “pinkness” really struck me.     


Argentina and Uruguay love colorful buildings, and you see pink everywhere.     


Pink reminds me of feminine solidarity (sorry guys). Throw in a little purple and self-confidence soars. Below is my daughter, Elya, in front of a quaint Buenos Aires restaurant.     


Real men ponder pink!     


A mixed media painting on the wall of an amazing restaurant in Buenos Aires caught my eye.     


This is the Royal Palace in Buenos Aires called Casa De La Rosa where Evita spoke to her people.     


The Royal Palace


Pink makes me feel creative and alive.     


Who can resist a pink-tinged sunset?     


I’m temporarily “worded out,” which is rare for me, but I do feel pink. Sometimes a color says more than words.     


So enjoy the pinkness of these pictures with me. 

Blogging Identity Quest: I traced a recent comment back to the photographers blog . To my delight, she captured her pink church in all of its glory. This is a must for any pink lovers out there! 

Blogging identity learning noted: I must explore colors as part of my blogging identity search. Like vibrant clothes on a clothesline, creativity comes in many exciting hues!

5 Replies to “Day 30 “I Feel Pink!””

  1. Well, here we are again! Since I was a very little girl my favorite color has been ~ ready? ~ pink!! Surprised? Didn’t think you would be. From palest powder to brilliant magenta to deep rich burgundy, pink makes me happy. Even my dinnerware is covered in pink roses.

    Once again your photos spoke and your words enhanced. You are growing, turning your face to the sun like a sunflower. Do they come in pink?


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