Day 31 “I Feel Blue Today”

This morning I feel blue—not in the depressive sense but in terms of possibilities. I absolutely love the color because it speaks to me of open sky.   


I have been a blue lover for a very long time. While living overseas in Amsterdam, Holland, I had the benefit of some wonderful friends labeled “The Dream Team” because we all had vivid dreams. We would get together to discuss our dreams and pray for each other. One of these wonderful women gave me a blue scarf as a reminder of “heavenly revelation.” I still have that blue scarf twenty-years later as a reminder of possibilities.   


When life gets rough, I look for blue. With blue, your dreams come true!   


Wearing different colors expresses my moods. I may try on different identities like clothes hanging on a line, but blue puts a bit of mystical in the mix.  Call me crazy but this even extends to earrings worn for the day.    

When I feel Bohemian, my dangles with blue moons give a little extra skip to my step.   


While creating the earlier post, “I Feel Pink,” I noticed all the “blue” in my Argentina and Uruguay pictures.     

Elya, Josiah, and Monique (Josiah's girlfriend)


Josiah so enjoys South American culture because he says that people there celebrate life. As he put it, “They don’t live to work but work to live.” I would greatly benefit from remembering his insight more often!   


The South American people’s passion for family, friends, and fun reverberates through the colors used for buildings and accents.   


So today, with the help of South American photos, I share my passion for blue with you in hopes of brightening your day.   


Yes, thinking in colors is definitely a part of my creative life and therefore a must for my blogging identity!   


So next time you are feeling blue, whether in the heartsick or heavenly possibility mode, try seeing blue all around you and I guarantee you will smile once again.   

4 Replies to “Day 31 “I Feel Blue Today””

  1. How lovely.

    I like Your ideas with themas and with plenty of photos. Blue is one of my favourite color. I am using blue clothes quite much and my car is blue. Its blue is called officialy”Arden blue” and it is something like You have shown in a scarf photo.

    I have few photos from it in my About-page and plenty of in my cars -posts. So now I have verified my interest to blue color. 🙂


  2. Come to my home! It is all blue inside! The walls are a Dresden blue. ALL the walls are blue. My daughter once called it hospital blue. Ah but! hospitals did their research on what is soothing… It’s a little lighter than the blues that race my heart, but then again—the effect was to be subtle. At the paint store there is now even a new paint called “Rodio Splash” that is my blue. 😉

    My friends are constantly challenging—“Are you going to repaint?” No! I like blue! The downstairs bath was even papered (by me—a pilot!)in blue skies paper. The ceilings are the same blue. The carpet is a denim blue.

    Now we’ve done a major tile job and some of the blue carpet is gone. Aw but—The added white still allows the blue to seep through. I love turquoise. I love royal blue! I adore all the South American, Carribean (Ajax!), Mediterranean blues…Ah! the blue of the oceans and seas…. Navy is a favorite classic blue. A “blue” personality on the color code represents loyalty—a favorite trait of mine…

    So—thanks for your tribute! AH but—if you ask my friends they will all tell you my favorite color is red! or purple! See, it is hard to color a chameleon. 😉 teehee!

    Warm smiles,


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