Day 36 “Just What the Doctor Ordered!”

My husband and I took a Valentine’s Day trip to the Getty Villa in Malibu, California. Both of us really needed  this creative excursion.

If a prescription could cure the work blues, this day would be at the top of doctor’s medicine lists. We had such a refreshing day getting away!

This museum is very different from the Getty in Los Angeles, California. The Villa features a Greek and Roman theme. Expansive buildings create the feel of lounging around the Roman pools and gardens.

The weather was beautiful and invited visitors to sit by the pools.

We enjoyed taking pictures for our private photo stashes.

Many pools and pounds filled the various gardens. I enjoyed experimenting with various angles in an attempt to take some interesting photos.

The art at the Getty captivated us as well. There is so much to see.

This trip inspired my husband and I to plan out our year with regular excursions to various museums and fairs (the Renaissance Faire is one of our favorites).

We both noticed how our talk about work melted away in the presence of such beauty created by both man…

and nature.

In terms of blogging identity quest discoveries, I am definitely one of those “visual bloggers!”

One Reply to “Day 36 “Just What the Doctor Ordered!””

  1. Your visuals are, as usual, stellar!

    One of our favorite outtings used to be Descanso Gardens, followed closely by The Huntington Museum and Mission Santa Barbara. You have so many rich opportunities for day trips. Then we get to piggy-back 🙂


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