Day 37 “A little patch of grass…”

A tension of finding balance exists for this writer.     


The very isolation that provided a safe and quiet place for writing is now interrupted by public viewing. I know this will become increasingly so as I actively pursue publishing. Whether in a blog or book, as soon as your words reach the eyes of others, you have an audience and knowing this tempts you to please. This dynamic also tends to cause a certain conformity as you discover what people want to read.     


Lately, I have been thinking, “Give them something to sink their teeth into!” My blogging evolution has become so visually oriented that I tend to use less and less words. However, many writing pieces formed in early mornings are full of words that express my current experiences. Often the imagery requires imagination. I long for thought-provoking prose that causes me to contemplate in stillness of soul.     



When I lived in the inner city of Amsterdam (in The Netherlands), I was surrounded by concrete, cobblestone, buildings, and canals. Walking meant looking down as much as looking up in order to miss the dog poop all over the sidewalks. People were not required to scoop! When you came across “a little patch of grass” on a rare sunny day, the temptation to sit and think was overruled. You knew with certainty that this was a doggy restroom. You needed to find a large park or a beach in order to sit, sun, and think.     

A little patch of grass


I hope that readers exist who long for reflections that inspire pondering. Like grassy patches in the midst of our concrete world of modern living, writing can rejuvenate soul. Reading a journal-like reflection of someone’s process of becoming can provide such respite. Each experience is as unique as the people in this “a day at the beach,” picture.     

A day at the beach


Whether yours is a park, sandy beach, or luxurious bath, each of us needs an alone place for musing. Getting some space longer than it takes to pop popcorn during a commercial break may seem a stretch for some; however, my creative life flourished when I retreated from the public.     


So for those who need something more to sink your teeth into, I will include intermittent wordier pieces. Yes, the visuals will continue as much as possible, but no longer will a photo be the prerequisite for posting.     


Come join me as we sit and think on “a little patch of grass.”     

One Reply to “Day 37 “A little patch of grass…””

  1. An epiphany for me! Any writing I have done is for a specific purpose,i.e. legal documents and training materials. You write simply for the joy of expression and I am (oh so slowly) learning so much!

    I still love the photography.


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