38 “I’m Feeling Really Green!”

Give me a few days of spring-like weather and I feel really green! Green speaks to me of new life!       


When I “go green,” there is growth happening. Like the tender runners of my strawberry plants, new interests take me beyond what I am presently doing.       


I find a similar pattern always occurs. Some new skill or activity captivates me and I start to wonder whether I can fit “just one more thing” into my already crowded cart.       


In time, the idea works its way from my mind down to my heart. I decide, “yes, I will take on this new challenge even though my life is so full!”       


Maybe I’m a little “green with envy” when seeing someone doing what I know I could be good at if given the chance. Recently, this “something new” I decided to explore was submitting articles to magazines. My writing partner, Mardi, and my editor encouraged me to do this but I felt hesitant to learn another new process (Imagine that after so many new skills I have tackled in my life). Finally, the idea took root like a new plant and started growing.       


So over the weekend I jumped in with financial commitment. I bought a book featuring the “how to’s” of writing for magazines. Yes, it will be one more activity packed into my already full garden of creativity but a necessary addition. I need to grow in this area if I want to publish books.       


In addition to growth, I see green as a calming color. Green soothes the senses and makes our world a bit brighter. Green inspires us to believe heaven’s help is on the way.       


Green also reminds me to conserve. The modern “Go Green” slogan calls all of us to conserve Earth’s limited natural resources. How does this relate with us creative types? We remind ourselves that our personal energy is limited; therefore, we should remove wasteful, non life-giving activities so we can grow in healthy, productive ways. When I go green, I sideline the old…       


and bring in the new.        


Often the new requires adjusting activities to make room for everything I want to do. For example, my “blogging identity quest” commitment to nightly postings proved to difficult to maintain because I was working simultaneously on the creativity site www.refrainfromtheidentical.com. So, now I am learning to divide my time between the two blog sites.       




If I add submitting writing to magazines, then weekend writing will have to include time for learning how to write query letters, researching the right magazine for my articles, and keeping track of submissions. These tasks seem daunting now, but my personal history reaffirms me that I can do what I set my mind to do.       


Green reminds me to find new water sources, inspiration for growing. New growth begins with seeds of possibility planted and nurtured.       


Green also calls for me to be patient and wait for growth.       


Growth requires plenty of time for contemplation and rest.       


For this visual blogger, feeling really green means discovering new artistic interests. I also find tremendous satisfaction when my blogging inspires others to write and create. This morning I received an email containing my son’s new blog. I read his first post and cried. I always knew he was a writer and deep thinker but to see his words in a blog overwhelmed me. So perhaps my greatest blessing received from “going green” is having my own little birdies finally create their own writing identity nests.       

My blog exploration came to me this morning with Josiah’s first post: http://chasingsunsets34.wordpress.com       

My Precious Son!

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