A few more memories…

I had such a positive response from the last post, “A Stroll Down Memory Lane,” that I thought adding a few more memories was in order. These following pictures are classics that I will always treasure for the people in them and the events they captured.  

Mr. Simon's Yearbook Class of 1976


Mr. Simon’s yearbook class created some of the most memorable experiences of my high school years. Perhaps this is when I started to become intrigued with the idea of capturing memories through photos and words. The friendships that formed during those class times are forever imprinted into my mind like the pages of that yearbook we designed.  

Barbie (my best friend) poising before my bedroom corkboard full of my favorites!


This is a picture of the cork board in my bedroom. What a priceless era is captured in this photo.   

Here is another classic. It must have been “baby” day from the looks of the pacifiers. Sometimes I feel like we should have more “baby days” for us adults. We might eat less if our mouths were plugged.  

Baby Day?


Have you ever wondered what the obsession with dressing up is during these high school years? This must have been Halloween.
Gina, Barbie, Eva, and Sue


We preserve those fleeting years in our photos and in our hearts. Little did Barbie and I know that the signing of each other’s yearbooks was only a brief moment in what would become a thirty-three year friendship.  

Remembering: Me and Barbie


Throughout the passage of time, we have supported each other. These are memories worth keeping and worth blogging about!  


One Reply to “A few more memories…”

  1. JoD…..this last photo of graduation made me tear up. I want that one. It kinda says it all don’t you think?…..I love you dearly my life long friend! BTW….it has been 36 years …..not 33!!! We met at the end of our freshman year….1974, when you were spying on me doing my “tryout cheer” in the 200 quad before my math class! Memmber? B


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