A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Recently, I came across some pictures in my high school scrapbook while cleaning out my art room. I must admit to delighting in this find having reconnected with many of my former friends on Facebook. So I thought that perhaps a stroll down memory lane was in order seeing how these were some of the best times of our lives.  

Top Row Left to Right: Emilie, Julie, Sue, Barbie/Bottom Row Let to Right: Carol, Jan, Maggie, JoDee


Who remembers the dreaded “A Train?” I didn’t. I mean, I couldn’t remember the dance’s name but I sure can recall the experience. I had to rely on Barbie’s stellar memory for the details.    


The cheerleading squad brought together a group of girls who became best friends during high school. We were inseparable.  


I will forever hold warm memories in my heart and mind whenever I think about all of the good times we had together.   

I made each of them a miniature salt dough cheerleader that looked like them.


The bottom photo was taken at my birthday party.  

Celebrating my birthday with friends


Life seemed so simple during high school. The most difficult task required was cheering our football team on to victory.  


Our creative adventures extended to performing modern dance routines while traveling with the school’s jazz band.  


I am still thankful for the kindness of Jan in coaching me before try-outs during my freshman year of school. Without her help, I doubt I could have made the team. We enjoyed our time away at cheerleading camp.  

Jan and Me


Cheerleading camp was one of the highlights of our year together. We went away for a glorious week and friendships deepened during this time with some lasting a lifetime.  


Our mascot, Maggie, called four of us the “prisses” because we competed in dance while the other four competed in cheer. The nickname still exists today.  

Prisses from left to right: Barbie, JoDee, Sue, and Emily


I will never forget the awards we won at cheer camp that year.  

In the local news!


Barbie and I were younger than some of our best friends on the squad so when they graduated, a new group of girls came together. The photo below is from a Ram’s football game we got to attend.  

Ram's football game: Barbie, Eva, Sue, and me


Here are some more pictures of the new squad. I look at all of their faces and wonder where some of the girls are now and what they are doing.  

The cheerleading squad my senior year




I often ponder how four short years could hold such meaning in light of an entire life lived. This time in one’s life seems frozen forever as an important transition from youth to adulthood. High school reminds me to cherish each year of my life as much if not more than I did that brief season of time.

9 Replies to “A Stroll Down Memory Lane”

  1. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! Some of the BEST memories to date!!! Look at all the photo’s where I am the only one NOT smiling and making a frowny face…I was doing that because we had all decided to make a “frowny” face and tnen NO ONE did when the camera clicked the pic, EXCEPT ME! I wonder how many times you gals did that to me and I fell for it!!!
    Such great memories of camp and times at your house!!! And “Mrs Drake” that was the wrong name JoD….Drake was the previous year! I cannot remember the one you are talking about’s name….she was the “nice” one though!!! I love her….didn’t like Drake so much. Great blog! B


  2. Those are definitely ties that bind. Later in April I’ll be in SoCal for a brunch with my fellow cheerleaders and a few other friends, about 15 in all. This is the year of our 50th H.S. Reunion! We started the “Brunch With The Girls” about 25 years ago and I try not to miss it. We chat and giggle together just like we did all those years ago – minus the pompoms! Ties that bind.


    1. Linda, I never knew you were a cheerleader. I want to start this with my former friends. Do you have any time to get together when you are in SoCal? I would love to see you!


  3. How fun that must have been to look through those memories. I love looking at old photos–I always have lots of questions when friends allow me to do so.

    I did laugh at the cheerleaders holding the banner waiting for the football players to run through it. The other day my son and I were watching a fail blog video of a cheerleader who did not get out of the way and was accidentally plowed. She was a champ though and popped right back up off the ground.


    1. Great story! I’m sure that happens frequently. I chuckle at that picture because it symbolizes how I spent the first half of my life, holding up the banner so others could run through. Now, I’m trying to be the one who gets to break the paper. Thanks for your humorous comment.


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