50 Renaissance Thank You!

Renaissance: Rebirth,  Reawakening, Resurgence.  

Recently, my husband and I revisited the Renaissance Faire held in Erwindale, CA. This is a spectacular event worth the trip for any one seeking fresh inspiration.   


Participants are eager to pose for pictures and discuss their ornate hats and costumes.   

A special thanks to all of the hat designers for allowing me to photograph their creations!


Everywhere you look another photo jumps out at you!   



As I looked through my new creative stash after returning home, this hat caught my eye: “Sisterhood of the  Traveling Port!” I knew that port meant carry and is used in support.   



Here I am at identity quest blog post 50 and in need of extending thanks to all of those who have “supported” me during this eight month quest to find my blogging identity. You truly have formed a creative community from which I have greatly benefited.


So to all of those who have encouraged and commented, I say “Thank you!” I could not have progressed this far without friends, family, and online bloggers who endlessly shared their creativity and encouragement.
Am I any closer to finding the identity my personal blog should settle into? I can answer that question with a yes. Blogging provides unrestrained boundaries for a creative eclectic such as myself. All of my artistic loves have a place among posts. I accept the fluidity of this because my creative pursuits are ever-changing. However, a few discoveries are nonnegotiable and that is photography, humorous and inspirational reflections, and fresh ideas.
Just like this henna painter at the Renaissance Faire, I can paint my imagination into posts using all that I love: photography, digital art, words etc. I have also learned not to limit my thinking but to welcome the unexpected in various forms.
In fact, some of my most interesting creative collaborators have amazing artistic skills in a variety of areas from virtual music composing to fine art painting. I have met so many talented people ready to share their expertise with me and with others.
You can expect more Renaissance photos in future posts. In addition, for those readers who have not visited my creativity blog, I invite you to meet some new featured writers and artists hosted. Just click on the photo link below:


Blogging Identity Quest Findings: So many writers, artists, and photographers fascinate me with their talent that it is difficult to choose who to include. With that said, I am enjoying the writing of Dianne. Check out her amazing posts at  http://unfinishedwork.wordpress.com/   

One of my favorite poems she wrote aptly expresses my feelings about wanting to learn how to paint http://takingdictation.wordpress.com/2010/04/23/art-class/ After reading this poem, I decided to sign up for a painting class soon to be taught by my friend.   

6 Replies to “50 Renaissance Thank You!”

    1. Thank you for the blog complement and for visiting. Your relationship with your daughters so reminds me of mine with my daughters. Of course, I adore my sons but there is a special kindred spirit relationship with the girls that is priceless. I wish I would have had your insight to slow down when I had the chance.


  1. You silly! If you’d slowed down you wouldn’t have the vibrant, inquisitive children you’ve parented!! Remember, God always fills the holes we inadvertently leave behind. As always, the marriage of colorful photos and reflective writing has made beautiful music.


    1. I think you’re right! There must have been a purpose in going full speed ahead. The older my children get, the more they remind me of me. I guess I must have done something right 🙂


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