The Seeding of Artistic Desires

“The heart seeds desires long before we whisper prayers!”

Have you ever noticed that a longing for something more precedes change? A restlessness and indescribable pull takes you in a direction before you understand what is happening. I have noted this reoccurring pattern in my creative life; a notion for a new art form plants inside my mind and begins to grow under the surface of conscious thought.

Another signal of change is an unexpected incentive to clear away clutter and organize supplies. This is similar to what happens when my husband and I envision a new garden plot. We pull out the old plants, hoe the weeds, and clear the area long before we have a clue as to what the new project will look like.


Recently, I remembered a poem and reflection I had written after dreaming of designing a creativity site. A quick computer search retrieved the poem even though I could only remember one phrase. 

This desire seeded in early February of 2009 and I did not actually build the site until December, 2010, ten months later. I wrote this poem while trying to reconcile feelings of loss from leaving my former life overseas. This brings up another sign that something new is coming; often we first grieve the old we must leave behind. Here is the poem followed by an excerpt that especially caught my attention because these ideas become a reality since the writing of them: 

The Emergence

I am as one grown mute
Puzzle piece of destiny lost
Gaping hole so noticeable
Where voice of hope once snugly fit
Taken from my purpose
In foreign lands of soul to dwell
No longer free to share my faith
Good tidings spoken without restraint
Restore my voice oh God
Return the call to speak your name
Empowered by your Spirit’s love
An oracle released from shame
                                                                             –JoDee Luna


“My life’s ambitions fill with possibilities and yet reality stands as a cruel taskmaster over my affairs. It taunts, “You only have so much time!” Daily I need to prioritize in order to stay focused.. 

The quest on the horizon whispers through morning writings while growing in my heart; the emergence of a website housing a plethora of resources for other creative eclectics. I envision inspirational writings, artistic projects, and digital designs. Posting the inspirational words and creative works of others as well…Most importantly, I hope this site will restore my lost voice…”

I wrote these words from a place of vulnerability and yet excitement.

I vividly remember the preparation needed as I cleared away activities, churned the soil of my soul, and learned new blogging skills. A definite invitation appeared long before those prayers flowed forth.

I began with an entrance into the world of social networking through Facebook in the summer, which was very difficult for me. I had been in seclusion from former friends spanning childhood through to present. The next seeding of creative desire occured when I read “Artful Blogging” for the first time during last year’s summer vacation. The articles and photographs incited a creative frenzy that resulted in this seemingly crazy idea to have a personal blog.

From there the personal blog started in September.

These past two weeks have resulted in full bloom with the privilege of featuring the creativity of my family and friends on my creativity site.

I do not know where this path of destiny will take me, but follow I must.

So if some unexplainable pull is spurring you to clean, clear, and organize, go for it…your heart is seeding a creative destiny!

7 Replies to “The Seeding of Artistic Desires”

  1. Wow, great pictures! I should quit being so lazy and start incorporating pictures in my posts.

    Good thoughts about seeds too. I’ve had a sense lately that the work I’m doing is like sowing seeds, and I need to trust God for the harvest but take time to nurture the seeds that are being planted. But I never thought about that in conjunction with art and creativity. I’m sure those seeds are being sown as well but perhaps I’m just not paying as much attention to that. Love the poem, btw!


  2. The way you integrate powerful messages with beautiful photos is fantastic. The wildflower photos make me want to jump in a car and head west in search of the amazing yellows, purples, and oranges.

    Prioritzing tasks is certainly something that I need to focus on here as well.

    Keep up the great posting.


  3. Love the pics and especially the poem. So glad to see you at the Writer’s Conference. Hope you get published soon. I’ll buy it!


    1. Thank you for your encouragement. I really enjoyed the Writer’s Conference and all of the time we spent talking! Let me know if you need help when you start building the blog 🙂


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