The gifts that only children can give…

Thursday was simply delightful. After school I went to help at the Neighborhood Impact House. Volunteers assisted children and youth to make Mother’s Day cards and paint pots and plant seeds for gifts.  


Last week was the first time I had the privilege of helping. This amazing collaboration between Central Christian Church and the City of Lancaster provides a cozy home and caring people for residents in the area. They help neighbors paint their homes and they provide activities for children and youth.   

An adult helper guides the hand of a child.


Yes, there are certain gifts that only children can give. My Mother’s Day began early as I collected them. One precious treasure I received was watching the children planting their seeds.  


I suspect this was the first for many of them and their delight warmed my heart. The looks on their faces were priceless.  


Just when I thought my heart could not fill any further, I came home to find a special delivery nestled behind the pot on my front porch.  


This is the first time I have ever received flowers like this and I could not figure out who the sender could be. Upon opening the box, there was a bouquet of tulips, a vase in bubble wrap, and a Mother’s Day card.  


As I unwrapped the vase and cut the stems of the flowers, I thought about how full my life is because of the gifts children bring to me. There are children of the heart and those I have  raised. Their gifts are the precious seeds planted in my soul that promise full bloom. They make me smile and remind me that life is worth living!  

Elya's Mother's Day Gift


I opened the card and read Elya’s message. Her tender and thoughtful words brought me to tears:  


I cried and then wrote her this return note:  


I came home to a box nestled behind my front porch pot. I could not figure out who gave me flowers and then upon opening the box, I read the card and cried! Such a meaningful and thoughtful gift from the one woman I love the most in this entire world, you! I cried because of how much you love me, I cried after reading all of the sweet words you wrote, I cried because reading them made me miss you more. You are truly a treasure tucked inside my heart day and night. This will be a Mother’s Day I will never forget. Thank you precious Le Le! Love with all my heart, mom”

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