The Blogger’s High

Have you ever wondered why we bloggers spend countless hours writing, photo editing, posting, and commenting? I have. Blogging is self-expression and inspiration at its best; an enjoyable banquet of giving and receiving. This blogging has definitely become an addiction for me and I’m not ashamed to admit this dirty little secret! How can I describe it? Well… let’s see… I’ll call it    The Blogger’s High.      


Now I must confess to having borrowed the concept from my current educational hero, Alan Sitomer. In his book, Teaching Teens and Reaping Results, Sitomer describes The Teacher’s High as that feeling we teachers get from “…connecting with kids” in spite of how they, or the educational system, treats us (p. 19).  I highly respect Sitomer because he uses innovative methods to teach English to inner city teens and gets amazing results. My new educational aspiration is to become one of his female middle school counterparts.    

Alan Sitomer's Website


I know exactly what he means. In fact, last Friday I was ready to quit, throw in the towel, and scan the Want Ads for another profession. Rudeness and ingratitude topped me off; students snubbed their noses at the portfolios I  bought them to keep their projects in as preparation for the next year.      

“I don’t want that!” A chorus of voices rang out.      

“Take that with me? Right! I don’t need it. I’ve got it.” A girl pointed at her head with a sarcastic smile splashed across her face that looked like the Joker’s in a Batman movie.      

By the afternoon, I was fuming. Then it happened. One sweet girl said, “Mrs. Luna, I’m going to miss your class. I’m going to miss you!”      

“Ahhh…” I sighed and floated into the chair next to her. “You really mean that?” I was silly putty in her hands. There it was, The Teacher’s High. Alan is so right!      

So what does The Blogger’s High feel like? I can only speak from my limited experience (nine months and counting) as a heart-stopping excitement that fills your chest when you see a new comment in your email queue.      


“Oh my gosh,” you trill, “I have a comment!” You rush to your blog and read over the words left by a well-wisher while savoring every syllable. “Maybe I’m not such a loser writer after all,” you defend to an audience of one. “Someone liked my post!”      

Crank up The Blogger’s High to full throttle with a subscription. WOW! The first time I discovered that several people actually signed up for an email version of my posts my head spun around with delight.     

Akin to the subscription ecstasy is the rush from “Referrer links,” where people found you, and the “Search Engine Terms” people used. But the big daddy of them all is that little line graph. Those of us addicted to The Blogger’s High find our moods altering with the up and down journey of the line.      


As glorious as this rush is, The Blogger’s High can injure those within close proximity of the blogger. My husband has  bruises on his left arm from all of the times I punched him screeching, “Look! I have people visiting my blog from a tag search!”      

Someone found my post with a tag search of "comments"


Yes, I hear the snarls of those spouses and significant others impatient with us addicted bloggers, “It’s taking up all of your (his/her) time.” They fume.  They even threaten, “The next thing you know, people will start Bloggers’ Anonymous Twelve Step groups!”    

To you I say, “At least it keeps us creative people off the streets. Now that can’t be all bad,  can it?”

11 Replies to “The Blogger’s High”

    1. Cheri,

      Did you start your blog? What’s your link? I’m sooo excited. Yes, I have lots of tips but to start with “have fun.” Blogging is a good kind of addictive. I have met wonderful people who are interesting and inspiring. Check out my free blogging video tutorials Maybe I will make a post about “Blogging Tips for Newbies.”

      YIPEE! You go girl!


  1. YES! Your words are so true ♥ I got excited at the sight of your bold, unread new comment notifications in your inbox!!! LOVE THOSE ♥ Thanks for stopping by my site, it’s nice to meet you, and I’ll be checking back more often. Until next time!


  2. I love both those feelings – the blogger’s AND the teacher’s high! It’s amazing what a few kind words can do.


    1. Didn’t that concept of “the teacher’s high” help you get why you give so much? It’s not that the info was new but humorously put, which helped me to see it so clearly in my own heart. I do love both high’s!


  3. I showed my graph to my boyfriend last night and pointed to the really high point and said, “Look! I was featured! Almost 3,000 people read my blog in one day!”

    “Oh. That’s nice.”

    Nothing like a boyfriend to bring you down a few notches! But I totally get this post. I think we all have the same feelings. It is almost an addiction!


    1. OH MY WORD! If you would have shown that graph to me, I would have screamed THAT IS AMAZING so I’m screaming it now! I think we bloggers need each other for receiving the warranted praise and encouragement! We know how much work goes into this, even though it is so very fun! What’s even more amazing is that someone with 3,000 views took the time to leave a comment on my blog! Thank you!


  4. JoDee, first let me thank you for stopping by Hurricane Ally. As a fellow, albeit new, blogaholic, I can totally relate to this [hilarious] post. The process of tracking that graph and squealing when it spikes is one I already know too well, and I’ve only been blogging for a week!


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. You may be a new blogger but you are definitely a seasoned writer. Your use of metaphor enthralled me. I look forward to reading more in the future. Is it so very wrong for me to be glad you are a fellow “blogaholic?”


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