Time Machine

I wish I had a time machine that could transport my precious children through time. When I miss the little boy who once skipped stones across the lake, I could send for his return.    

Grandpa was visiting us in Amsterdam and wanted to mail Josiah back to the U.S.


The longing to see the impish little girl who pulled her pony tails would instantly bring her back.    


We would play for the day and then I would kiss her soft forehead as she fell asleep and drifted back into the past.    

Elya sleeping in Prague, Czechoslovakia


If there was a time machine, I could enjoy them as my adult friends now…    

With my kids in Buenos Aires, Argentina


and at every other stage of life they passed through as they grew.    

Josiah and Elya in Venice, Italy


I miss the little people who traveled around the world with me. Their twinkling eyes and dancing smiles vividly remain in my memory. How strange that these longings feel so strong.    

Unfortunately, no such time machine exists…so I sigh, and with misty eyes say good-bye to these precious little ones I once knew so well.   

My precious tulip


The only solace seems to be enjoying photos from the past…  


until I can hug their grown up forms once again.   


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