#57 Fame

“You can have me before my time…before I flower.”   

                                                                                     -Selling out for Fame   


Fame has a seductive allure. Perhaps the human need for validation drives the pursuit of this fickle lover.   

“If I am popular, then I am worthy, and my life’s work counts.” We tell ourselves in hopes of eliciting reassurance.     

While I do believe God graces many with influence to further His purposes upon this earth, the path of popularity is precarious at best. The masses raise a person to stardom with lauding one day and then scathingly humiliate him or her the next.   

For every cheering fan, ten scoffers hiss and boo. Exposing celebritys’ flaws incites entertainment frenzy. If you doubt this, then you have not turned your television on for a while.   

I, for one, never liked the vulnerable feelings I had during those brief seasons of my life when a larger circle of people knew me.  

Me and Barbie (my best friend) signing each other's yearbooks


I can remember getting sore cheeks in high school trying to smile at everyone because I was a cheerleader and people tended to call cheerleaders snobs.   

A cheerleader always has to smile! (Me, second from the right top)


During those subsequent ministry years, many people believed we youthful leaders really had all of the answers to solve their problems. Looking back, how could we have because we were still young adults lacking the maturity that only comes through living the hard stuff of life?   


Now, I wince when someone goes on and on about a youthful church leader who “can really preach and is so gifted.” That may be so, but I wonder about the wisdom that we only glean through life experience.   

Perhaps a blessing that old age brings is the benefit of perspective—a lifetime of watching others surf the rising and falling waves of fame has to count for something.   


So if this dashing young lover, fame, promises to grant you all of your heart’s desires if you will allow him to take you before your time… before your talents flower, stop and reconsider.   

For opportunities to grow in maturity and wisdom fill the rich soil from where he plans to pluck you from the earth.    

Side note: Ironically, after I wrote this post, I read “Is your blog the unpopular kid?” on CNN Tech and chuckled. They used the same high school analogy. We bloggers can become especially vulnerable to this allure of trying to become the blogging cheerleader.  

So part of my blogging identity quest is to stay focused, in my blog and in my life, on what really matters. If I can spread a little encouragement while blooming in this garden of life, then resisting the pull towards popularity will have been worth the effort!

9 Replies to “#57 Fame”

  1. Sweet! (as all your posts are!) I’ve been blogging for six years now (wow, forgot to wish myself a happy anniversary in June). You’d think I’d have gotten a little farther on the blogging bandwagon but somewhere along the way, I just figured out all I wanted to be was myself. Blogging has been great since that point (which happened more than once, I think).

    You should consider joining highcallingblogs.com, JoDee. It’s a great network of faithful, believing bloggers.


    1. Dianne, I appreciate your insight as someone who has blogged for so long. I weary over the competition that sullies such a wonderful gift of personal expression. I guess that’s just the way of the world. I will look into the network. Thanks!


  2. Well, I love your blog. I think it’s very wise and fun to look at too! I know a lot of bloggers that get wrapped up in the “popularity” aspect, but I’m not that that means they are fulfilled by what they write.


    1. Thanks for the compliment. I agree with you about the fulfilling aspect of writing. That is what I want to keep a central focus of my writing and blogging. I wrote years before I blogged and if the internet went down tomorrow, I would still write.


  3. Love “the blessing of old age brings perspective” … does it ever. Find myself wincing quite often in the presence of my eldest – she is cemented in her own ideology and it is due to lack of maturity. As for “cheerleading” – been there, done that, shook the pom poms. Usually preference everything I say with,”I’m not running for cheerleader here” … very good post, you always make me think. 🙂


    1. Thank you and it’s nice to know another former cheerleader understands! About your eldest, my mother used to remind me, “The frontal lobe does not mature until well into the twenties.” That helped!


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