“Mental Monsters Crushed”

Once again, I want to thank Slam Dunks for his encouraging and memorable metaphor “…crush a few of those mental monsters lingering around.” I did it! Last Tuesday evening I danced with my daughter in front of people.  

Me and Andy dancing at the Cedar Performing Arts Academy


 For any new readers, you can read the original post at “Will Dance for Comments.” 

I look like I’m having fun, huh ? NOT! I was terrified but went through with it anyway and actually maintained some pretty good stage presence (except for the open mouth, what’s up with that?).  


So for all of you supporters out there, thanks. May you crush your lingering mental monsters as well.  


Now that I’ve crossed that off my bucket list, my next monster needing crushing is singing. Let the lessons begin!

6 Replies to ““Mental Monsters Crushed””

  1. That is wonderful JoDee. I am thinking if the audience would have been photographed, we could have seen the standing O.

    That must have been a great feeling when it was all done.

    Congrats on the accomplishment, and thanks for the kind words. I have plenty of those monsters to battle with as well.


    1. The crowd encouraged us with lots of hollering. I felt loved! It definitely was a wonderful feeling…after the dance was over, that is! As for those kind words, you earned them!


  2. Good for you! I used to ake ballet lessons and loved the recitals (yes, even as an adult!). I miss it, but it can be very nerve-racking. (Wracking???)


  3. You were amazing, open mouth and all! I can’t wait for kyle to show you how to put the video up:) Then all your blogging friends will see how truly talented of a dancer you are!


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