The Dance of Delight

The genre of memoir captivates me and the desire to push forward in exploring this style steadily grows.

Yet, I have so much to learn about writing that at times my mind enters a temporary paralysis of thought: fiction techniques to enhance my nonfiction, writing a nonfiction book proposal…the list seems endless.

I must resist the temptation to wish myself further along than where I am. All of my other artistic pursuits have receded into the background as writing takes center stage. This mighty thespian of my soul demands full spotlight, liberal space, unfettered movement.

It is as if Writing’s eyes meet mine with a penetrating gaze saying, “Take me I’m yours.”

“Oh you passionate one,” I whisper in return. “Other fickle lovers of my soul have come and gone, but only you have remained, season after season, year after year.

So today, I place my hand into your outstretched palm and follow your swirling and churning upon my life’s stage. I consent to this dance of delight… unsure and yet uncaring as to where it takes me.

*A special thank you to the Cedar Theatre Performing Arts Academy for the background silhouette of dancers.

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