FOMO Part II: The Too Much Fun Club!

What a wild ride this week has been with my daughter, son, and their friends. 

Josiah and Shane Tubing at Lake Pyramid


The quest? Checking off Elya’s bucket list for the week’s visit: 

  • Eat at Chipotle
  • Eat lasagna
  • Go wakeboarding with friends
  • Visit with family
  • Drink lots of iced mochas from Starbucks
  • Buy food favorites to take back to Korea
  • Eat a hamburger at In and Out
Shane, Elya, Liz, and Meg


As we check off items at record speed, I think about FOMO, Fear of Missing Out! Elya’s FOMO is driving one of the most memorable weeks of my life. What a week, what a joy! I’m signing up for this Too Much Fun Club of which my children are definitely active members!

3 Replies to “FOMO Part II: The Too Much Fun Club!”

  1. I’ve always wanted to check out Lake Pyramid. It’s on my drive from LA to SF, and I see people boating and having a good time. Also, Chipotle and In n Out? Both my favorites!!! I’m so glad you are having such a good time with your daughter while she is in town.


    1. Thank you Herding Cats. Have you read my post called resilence? There is a section in this post where I shared my daughter’s reflections about teaching. I think you would get a kick out of it. Check it out!


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