These are the best times of our lives!

Have you ever wanted to slow down time so precious moments with your loved ones lasts a little longer?
Elya and Grandpa at her family birthday party


The desire to hold them close overwhelms you. Your time together is short and without room for full expression of your love. This is the way I have felt this week while having my daughter home from Korea.  

My Treasures...My children, Elya and Josiah


My mother’s heart fills with precious moments spent enjoying her and my son, Josiah. This week was incredible and I wince at the thought of taking Elya to the airport tonight for her return trip to Korea. I must also mentally and emotionally prepare for Josiah leaving on his work/travel trip around the world this September.  

Why can't I freeze this moment?


Until then, I will enjoy every moment I have with her. Here are some photos of our time with friends and family. Elya missed so much of her cousin’s growing up these last ten months. She held Stephen Michael every chance she could.    

Elya feel in love with baby Stephen


She fell in love with him and became obsessed with spending time playing together.   


The family birthday party filled with hours of talking, laughing, and loving. I watched my family enjoy each other and filled with appreciation for the gift we are to each other.   


Another highlight of the week was Elya’s actual birthday. The morning began with a breakfast with just the two of us.   


I tried to live that day in slow motion but time is no respecter of a mother’s heart. We drove down to Santa Monica and enjoyed a day of shopping and a lunch with Elya’s boyfriend, Jesse.   

Elya opens Jesse's birthday gifts.


Last night, Elya’s friends, Meg and Liz, had a party for her in Brentwood. I looked around at all of the fun-loving, brilliant young adults chatting, hugging, and laughing, and smiled. My children have the most wonderful friends.   

Jesse, Josiah, Elya, Shane


As they toasted Elya in honor of her birthday, I couldn’t help thinking how far this young woman has come in her life. From missionary kid to hometown girl back to world traveler again, Elya brings laughter, love, and life to everyone she meets.   

The Toast


Yes, these are the best times of our lives. I just wish they would stop moving so fast because I will never have them back again.   

My little world traveler prepares to fly away tonight.


5 Replies to “These are the best times of our lives!”

  1. I share a little of your hesitation to hit the “release” button ~ we put Molly and Noah on a plane for Austin TX on Monday. My heart said “don’t let them go”; my head reminded me to quit wasting time and memory-space hanging onto now when we have so many tomorrows to greet.

    We are all so much richer because of one another.


  2. Hugs with loved ones should never end! You give them wings and then you want to clip those wings;But true love lets go. Love does hurt(just like the song says) and so it goes, life goes on and our prayer life excellerates and our sweet Jesus hears every sigh, and every word, because He loves us as we love them. God Bless and keep you my sweet girl.


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