57 Designing New Identities


You pickpocket of creativity
Stealing innovation and energy
Shall you alone define my destiny?


Recently, my daughter, Andy, came for a visit and we immediately headed for Michaels. We bought supplies for the masquerade masks we envisioned making. This project has simmered in our minds for some time now. Besides, I needed a break from words, words, words.

Since starting this blog in September of 2009, writing has pillaged my coffers of creativity. Artistic interests dwindled as writing posts and taking pictures consumed stolen moments and luxurious days.  Yet, this indulgence helped me to discover and design new identities.

The quest to find my blogging identity evolved and expanded to include a creativity site full of personal reflections, vibrant photos, and innovative ideas. I have also formed online friendships through joining networks of bloggers and reconnecting with friends via Facebook. Each new pursuit provided another identity to explore, to mold, to paint.

Creative paths twist and turn for the eclectic personality type. We prance about on bird walks exploring multiple interests. Then we see a worm worth pulling from the earth. Writing tugs at ingenuity until unearthing who we want to become. 

My husband watches with concern. He shakes his head in consternation at my seemingly scattered approach.

“You don’t understand.” I try to explain. “I’m putting together a puzzle and the pieces come one at a time. Trust me, this will all make sense some day”

He smiles and nods all the while convinced I will never finish that first book let alone publish the others waiting in computer files. Yes, writing has overtaken my life lately but with good purpose. The craft formed a chrysalis in which new talents formed.

I do not know where these new identities will take me, but I do not care. Like the masks that Andy and I fashioned, I have just begun to paint.

Writing, you usurper of my soul, I thank you.

3 Replies to “57 Designing New Identities”

  1. How fun that you guys craft together! I haven’t done anything artistic for awhile, and this kind of made me want to start!


  2. Very cool, JoDee. Love the masks! Love the personification of writing as an usurper of the soul.

    I think I have come to realize that writing is something I cannot NOT do. And yet, as I get nearer to finishing my room, I hear myself calling it my “art” room, aka studio and I realize that the artistic side of me has too long been smothered. I look forward, like you, to seeing where the two paths will intersect and from what new horizons they will beckon me!

    Now just pray I get some help painting . . . or some mega energy, okay?


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