Quests are journeys we want to win but never want to end. Turning the last page of an adventure novel pains the heart. Our life is the greatest quest of all, and the quest of a writer never ends. Challenges make an adventure exciting, and a writer’s quest certainly fills with obstacles one must overcome.

This morning I pondered the peril of doubting one’s identity, and the words from a recent dream floated back to my mind:

A special thanks to Andy Luna for borrowing her “living book” sketch.

Often I need to remind myself of who I am. This message keeps returning to me as an affirmation. I am a writer. I no longer need to doubt this fact. Now I can live in a truth that is more alive in my heart than ever before.

This reality does not require an audience for validation. Nor does this awareness rest on another’s approval…or performing perfectly…or making money at the craft. My heart has found peace with this promise sent in the night, during those magical moments when my frazzled mind settles. Affirmations are like this, God speaks to our souls setting to rest our fears and insecurities.

We writers have a special gift, whether processing our pain or providing inspiration. We put into words what bangs around in our brains like bats in a bell tower. We choose to put our words out there in hopes others will realize their “ah ha” moments from what we share.

Our gift is amazing and natural, a part of our very core. We plant our words in the soil of other souls. In time, our words, like seeds, will grow into orchards full of other writers, those who find peace in knowing this truth—you are a writer…simple and true.

7 Replies to “Affirmations”

  1. And perhaps more important ~ for those whose gifts are not words, you can express for them feelings, observations and intuitions. Our lives are knitted and woven into a beautiful tapestry of color, aroma, movement, thought, touch and so much more. Then our Father puts it all together for His and our joy. I think you write because you must. My guess is that God has pressured you into it so that He could share with the rest of us tastes of each of your gifts ~ art, music, photography, dance, humor to name a few. I, for one am very grateful!


  2. Wow. I just walked away from a mtg. this morning with a trusted friend and counselor with two words on my mind: affirmation and acceptance. Affirmation – my reminder to myself of a daily practice I instituted several years ago to pause and remind myself of some truth about myself. I need to get back to that practice. And acceptance – her reminder that I need to move to a place of acceptance about some things in my life right now – they are what they are.

    You so beautifully put the affirmations word into something tangible. Kind of like God putting his stamp of approval on this idea of affirmations. And reminds me to get around to posting my own thoughts on this word . . . soon.

    You rock, you writer-girl!!


    1. Dianne, Linda, and Barbie, your words moved me. Each of you sews seeds of affirmation in my soul and reading your comments just confirms my belief…my writing greatly benefits from the words that you have written to the wind. I am so thankful some have blown my way.


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