Last Hurrah with Hubby

Nature fills our visual lungs causing us to breathe a little easier.


Multiplicity. This word best describes my creative dilemma—so many interests and so little time. One would think the last thing I need is another trip away.

Yet, this is precisely what keeps the constant flow of visual images filling this creative eclectic’s brain bank.

The photo gallery of our minds captures and categorizes places we’ve visited. We simply mentally retrieve them when inspiration is needed.

When the present reality pales in comparison to our envisioned life, we revisit these mental treasures by unearthing them in our memories or retrieving them from our photo files.

So the last hurrah with hubby became my husband and my priority before I returned to the classroom for a new school year. Though not in the order of our itinerary, I will feature photos of our trip during a series of posts. One day we drove to Virginia City, Nevada. This amazing silver mining town inspired the following photo shoot so we could get into the spirit of the adventure.

Initially, we decided upon a trip to Bodie, a gold mining ghost town off highway 395 (more Bodie pics to come in future posts).

However, we arrived too late and had to save this stop for last. Though our itinerary did not unfold exactly as we had planned, each destination exceeded our expectations.

The trip highlight included returning to one of our favorite honeymoon places we visited eight years ago. We drove to Lake Tahoe and stayed at the Inn by the Lake.

Imagine our surprise to awaken to this scene outside our balcony.

One day we traveled around the lake stopping for frequent photo shoots of the amazing and majestic sights.

On the way home we visited Bodie. My parents took my siblings and me to Bodie when we were children. I inherited their fascination with old western towns and the relics they purchased to adorn their home and yard.

Justin and I enjoy exploring old mining towns. We imagine how people lived in the olden days. The mystique helps us to appreciate our rich heritage as Americans.

Bodie ended up being our last stop on the way home but enchanting nevertheless.

I hadn’t been there since I was a child but memories returned as I walked the dusty roads.

I especially enjoyed peering into the windows while imagining what the former inhabitants experienced.

The eerie yet fascinating one room school-house especially intrigued me because of my career as a teacher.

Tomorrow I return to work in spite of my longing to extend this amazing summer filled with trips. Yet, we are already planning some weekend excursions for the fall.

8 Replies to “Last Hurrah with Hubby”

  1. How FUN! I love the picture where you look like you are holding the island in your hands! LOVE LOVE that one! Also the Bodie one with you and Justin in the tub! So envious! TTYL B


    1. Thanks for visiting, Daphne. I’ve been following our groups comments and posts and finding answers to my blogging questions. I also enjoy linking with other bloggers like you.


  2. Hi JoDee,
    Just thought I’d stop by your blog too. Love the photos – it’s easy to see how the creative juices can get flowing when surrounded by all that beauty. Look forward to more.


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