Day 58 The Eclectic Blogger

“In Search of my Blogging Identity Quest” will round month nine at the end of September with the first post dated January 1, 2010. This journey began from a desire to find out what kind of blog I would like to have. I knew this decision would result from my personal identity exploration. 


I find a definite identity emerging. Not surprising, my quest reveals what is happening in my life—I am an eclectic blogger. I cannot settle for only one kind of blog or only one blog. My diverse creative pursuits inspired me to try on different blogging identities as if masks for a masquerade ball. 


Blogging provides a forum for personal expression and personal expression flows forth from who we bloggers are or want to be in life. I am a creative eclectic with a variety of interests that come together to form unique expressions in which I find delight. 


As an educator, I relish in finding innovative ways to engage this visual, techi generation. I insist on more that teaching students to read and write or learn standards for passing state exams. Although important, my ultimate quest is preparing youth for discovering their unique identities and destinies. 


As a writer, I desire to express the various aspects of my life in words. I envisioned books, articles, and blog posts and those dreams of sharing my thoughts with the world slowly materialize. 


My artistic expressions continue to provide tremendous joy for me. Whether sketching, designing floral arrangements, sculpting with clay or salt dough, or altering photos using Photo Shop, I delight in using different mediums to express the never-ending images that flow through my mind. 


Ours is a culture full of visual expressions. We live and work in an ever-changing world of technology. Discovering one’s artistic talent can lead to an online expression of that talent. For the creative eclectic, blogging provides numerous ways to bring those gifts to the world. 

One of my daughter's classes in South, Korea


I have contemplated whether to end my blogging identity quest but the chapters of this quest keep writing themselves upon the pages of a book hidden in my heart. Therefore, the journey continues bringing immeasurable meaning and enchantment my way. 

My blogging identity is still a work in progress.

4 Replies to “Day 58 The Eclectic Blogger”

  1. It just keeps getting better! And better!! Those masks are so beautiful and make such a statement. I’ve always thought of them as a way to hide, but you’ve given them a whole new dimension ~ a way to explore and expand the many facets of ourselves. As God is multifaceted and we are made in His image, we must also be multifaceted, right? Thank you for enriching our lives.


    1. What intrigues me is people’s fascination with them. I thought I was a bit strange with my fixation but my mask posts are the daily favorites. Perhaps people enjoy the possibilities masks represent?


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