Tips for the Digitally Challenged

“Keeping up with the Joneses” is not a problem in my life. Keeping up with emails is. I don’t have time to worry whether my neighbor’s purchases or lifestyle preferences trumps me. On evenings and weekends, this emerging writer has chair in one hand and whip in the other trying to tame the email beast. Yet, in spite of my best efforts, the beast growls for more while licking gargantuan lips dripping with spam.   

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I’ve decided to start a new category on my author’s website called, “Tips for Digitally Challenged.” You can read the first post at   

The next one will feature, “Taming the Email Beast,” a look into my self-imposed real-time training program.   

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2 Replies to “Tips for the Digitally Challenged”

    1. Thank you Sissy! Nope, I didn’t take the pic, although Justin thinks he did 🙂
      Yah, how can I be such a computer nerd and such a horrible texter all at the same time?

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