The Bewitching Hour

The bewitching hour, I strongly suspect, occurs between 3:00 and 4:00 am because that’s when I’m waking up with all kinds of oddities on my mind. 

Art by Elya Moline

Sleep falls gently, tucking expectations snugly under chin…until the early morning hours when, I am convinced, the creative fairies spring wide-awake. 

During these 3 o’clock risings, phrases cartwheel through my mind like playful children on summer lawns.

Words flow line after line like a rambling love sonnet.

Art by Elya Moline

Without fail, I’m tempted to resist writing these random thoughts down. Then a wrestling with my creative self ensues: 

This is so ridiculous, go back to bed! My more sensible self insists. 

No, you really must capture these ideas even though they don’t make sense to you now. The reasonable side of me returns. 

If you don’t write them down, they will be gone by sunrise! The voice of experience reminds. 

But I’m exhausted! I argue back.

Nothing makes sense during the bewitching hour. Words jumble as if random pieces of an unsolvable puzzle. Yet, I resign to record my thoughts because experience has proven this practice worthwhile. Inspiration received during the bewitching hour forms poetry and prose during morning writing times. 

Art by Elya Moline

The bewitching hour is that time of night just before dawn when inspiration tickles lazy ears. Priceless gifts of words, images, and ideas wait for those willing to become a child again. 

When is your bewitching hour? Leave a comments to share with readers. . 

*bewitching: enchanting, fascinating, charming, or desirable 

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2 Replies to “The Bewitching Hour”

  1. I don’t know why I have an instinctive revulsion of paislies, but I do. I suspect it has something to do with my grandmother’s wallpaper and upholstery. Despite this, I do think you’ve done an excellent job with the color selection. Nice work. And now I will go wash my eyeballs.


    1. Writerdood, your comment made me laugh and I agree with you. No offense intended towards my daugher’s amazing painting but paislies kind of freak me out. That is why I chose this for “all kinds of oddities.” Thanks for the complement and comment. I love “And now I will go wash my eyeballs.”


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