You know you miss your kids when…

You know you miss your kids when…you take screenshots of your daughter while Skyping with her from Seoul, South Korea.

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You miss your other daughter so much that your weekly highlight is reading her latest blog post:

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You know you miss your son, and his girlfriend, when you spend far too much time poaching their picture from their Facebook profile pages and blog posts so you can see their precious faces on yours.

Having them on your computer screen makes you feel like they’re not so far away, even though they are half way around the world:

Yet seeing these amazing sunset pictures Josiah took in CapeTown, South Africa reminds me of why they need to explore their world.

Are there any other parents out there in cyberspace missing their children who are far away? I’d love to read your comments.

9 Replies to “You know you miss your kids when…”

  1. I can so relate to all that you wrote. I live in AZ & both of my boys live in Southern, CA. Yes, my screen saver is the 2 of them, i “borrow” pic’s from them and their friends just to see the latest in their lives although they Instant Message me & I to them on Facebook from time to time which is very nice. Both know that I still prefer a “real” phone call, none of this texting crap, I want and need to hear their voices. I told them they will understand once they are a parent.


    1. Miss Green, thank you for sharing your empathy. Having children so far away is a heart -wrencher for us parents. I agree with you, I want to hear their voices. My son called from South Africa while I was working and I didn’t hear my phone. I got so depressed after I found his voice mail. Someday they will understand.


  2. Missing my daughter in Germany too. Happy for her, but really look forward to hearing her voice. So glad that your daughter will be home soon.


    1. Cheri, I so understand the emotional pain of having daughters far away. It hurts and I often try to brush the feelings aside so I can go about my day clear-headed. Thanks for sharing.


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