Writer’s Digest Conference in New York

I’ve only got a few minutes to post before getting ready for the last day of the conference, but I just had to sneak in a few words. I’m having the time of my life here in New York. Every session is incredible and I’m trying to get the information down so I can fully absorb it later. It’s also so fun having Justin and the girls along.

We had an amazing dinner at a cozy New York restaurant on Friday night.

One of the trip highlights was ground zero, which I will post about when I have more time. I apologize for the rushed post but the next session awaits.

Andrea and ELya In the cemetery at the church that survived.

9 Replies to “Writer’s Digest Conference in New York”

  1. I love NYC. We go every March. Did your daughter pitch yet? Let me know how that went. Writer’s conferences are fun. Hope I get to go in 2012. Will have to save my pennies.


    1. Shelly and Izzie, I had the time of my life and something amazing happened. I think I will email you and tell you about it. The reply would be far too long. Thanks for asking and thinking about me. My daughter decided not to pitch because she didn’t finish her novel in time but she came along to give me moral support. I connected with an agent who requested my manuscript. It was surreal and I’m trying to keep my wits about me.


  2. I love the picture of Andy and Elya in the cemetary of the church that survived. Thank God for those young, fresh faces, a testament to the life that still thrives in a tumultous world. I sure do love those girls! Can I please have a copy of that one?


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