Ground Hog Day

Saturday I hosted my version of Ground Hog Day. You know the movie, the day keeps repeating over again. Although mine was distinctly different, family members definitely had a deja vu experience.

Susan, Rebekah, Gina, Me, and Elya

I hosted a family event that eerily resembled Christmas. The decorations were still up and I even made a crock pot full of chili just as I did on Christmas Eve. Family members brought similar dishes as they did a little over a month ago, and baby Stephen felt right at home. Once again, he played with the tiny nativity…

Matt, Stephen, and Elya

and delighted us with his dancing. In fact, he insisted that all the women in the family get up and dance with him.

In all fairness to me, my daughter, Andy, begged me to keep up Christmas so she could enjoy the decorations before we left for the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York. So with the all of the busyness of the last few weeks. leaving up the decor was a relief.

Yesterday, Matt and Elya helped me take down Christmas. Now I’m finally in the spirit of 2011. A new day has dawned.

13 Replies to “Ground Hog Day”

  1. Love that you left up the decorations for Andy. Grandson Jack loves to dance as much as Stephen appears to. If he hears music on the TV he runs into the livingroom to dance. Lots of fun memories.


  2. Awww..looks like so much fun. My son loves to sing and dance! It amazes me how many songs he knows the words to at 4yrs old! They truly are little sponges!


    1. Shelly, I haven’t either. In fact, I didn’t know Ground Hog Day was coming up when I decided to call the gathering Ground Hog Day. I was thinking about the movie. How ironic.


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