The Great Seduction

I vividly remember the time when a man with a kind face reached across the table, placed his hand upon mine, looked into my eyes, and whispered, “I never thought you would be so beautiful.”

Photo Credit: Elya Filler

I melted like soft butter on warm toast. He had me. At the time, I was a lonely single mother starved for love and affection. I was selling magnetic relax products, and he was a potential client. Believe me, I didn’t need my own products when his hand covered mine. He swept me off my feet in that moment.

Now I look back and think: What a perfect move and line. The rest is for another story; but suffix to say, anticipation of love fueled my mad pursuit of a man who didn’t have the goods to deliver. In fact, my expectations were so overwhelming that no man on earth could have delivered. Like a child celebrating her birthday, I would have grasped any love that came my way.

The Great Seduction. It happens when our expectations for things and people far outweigh their delivery potential. The Great Seduction can occur in our lives when we don’t discover and deal with the source of our need that fuels our ballooning expectations. Anything or anyone we think will fill our emptiness within or remove our fears of insufficiency can make us vulnerable to The Great Seduction. Just like the starry-eyed young woman I once was, if we’ve stored a lifetime of  “Love me, love me, love me’s,” we’re bound to be misled. We put on our rose-colored glasses of denial instead of dealing with the truth.

At the time  of my Great Seduction, I needed to work hard at building a new life for my children and me. No man could have rescued me from that reality.

The Great Seduction does not just happen in matters of the heart. My family and I have experienced our fair share of investment scams due to our desire for financial security. Add to this, promises of business opportunities gone bad.

So as I approach this next season of potential publishing, you can imagine my hesitancy to trust in my own motives and decisions. In fact, yesterday my mind mulled over doubts like a helicopter hovering above a rowdy crowd.

I wondered whether I had heard God correctly when I was so sure He wanted me to “…extract the precious from the worthless…” of my life and write books. Then as I readied for work, these words jolted my thoughts, “You haven’t heard me wrongly. You just need to go at my pace.”

Whoa, I wondered. Where’d that come from? I was doubting the very act of writing and this wisdom focused on pacing. I chuckled thinking, Life’s a marathon, and I’m a compulsive sprinter.

I knew I needed to slow down and keep myself on the path by not weaving back and forth in pursuit of every diversion. I needed to simplify my life by remembering the times I got seduced into making impulsive decisions that cost me dearly.

In fact, sometimes progress means going back before we can go forward. When we go back and revisit our personal history, we see those decisions we made for all the wrong reasons, the great seductions that took us off our right and true life course.

I fell asleep last night promising the Lord that I would hush my impatience and try to follow his pacing. Then, I had the most comforting dream. In the dream, He reached across the table and gently covered my hand with his…and in that moment, I vowed to work my world straight once again.


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The Simplify Journey

32 Replies to “The Great Seduction”

  1. Seduction can be a dangerous thing. We all need and want attention. Those are the times when Satan goes ” Your All Mine Now”. There is one small issue that Satan always forgets for some reason. He is not in control.


    1. 1959duke, you made some very good points. Perhaps Satan forgets that he isn’t in control because his arrogance blurs his memory. I so don’t want to make that same mistake. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I am a compulsive sprinter, too. And I frequently burn out since I forget to pace myself for the marathon. Thanks for the reminder.

    All the best as you extract the precious and attempt to write it down.


  3. WOW! does this one ever resonate with me!!! Totally! Grand slam my friend….you hit it outa the park with this post. Life truly “is” a marathon……PS: I don’t sprint well anyway……so it frustrates me. B


    1. Barbie, you, my friend, are a work horse. You work harder than anyone I know. You’ve just decided to resist “The Great Seduction” and let God lead you into this next season of your business. I know He will. Maybe He just wants you to rest before the next race :). Thank you for helping me through my personal quandaries.


    1. Norma, WOW. Your comment means so much to me because of how much I respect your accomplishments. I fell silent when I read your complement, and that is rare for me.


  4. Stay focused Jodee. Your eyes on the prize of being the successful author you desire to be.
    Don’t listen to people who fill your head with doubts…listen to those who have read what you’ve written and actually liked it. Everyone has different ways of attaining their goals and just because one way worked for one person, doesn’t mean that is the way you have to follow. I can tell from your writing you are a leader more than a follower. Stay the course and let the others trail behind you!


    1. Eve, your comment really encouraged me. In fact, I read it to my husband and he let out a resounding “Yes!” If I look at this publishing journey the way you suggested, my heart fills with hope and happiness. Thank you!


  5. JoDee,

    Thanks for sharing something we all have in common. If it talks with a silver tongue, tells us exactly what we want to hear, but not what we need to hear, then run like mad. I’ve been seduced too with disappointment as the result. What is that saying about hindsight has 20/20 vision?



    1. Patricia, thanks for the insightful comment and for featuring this post on your blog. Yes, you said is so perfectly, “…tells us exactly what we want to hear, but not what we need to hear…” Trying to discern the difference is one of my greatest challenges.


  6. My daughter with a Heart that cannot be measured! You keep keeping on and look where you are today!!! Never loose that faith, Your writings could be for the world or simply for you. So many times we are so anxious to give away the treasures that God has given us, a glimse into His heart, when the time is right it will happen. Love you mucho, Mom


    1. My precious mother, your words soothe my soul today as they have throughout my life. Thank you for believing in God’s plans for me. You’re so right. Whether or not I share my gifts with others matters not when I catch a glimpse of His heart. I love you!


    1. Deidra, You’ve really got me thinking about that quote, “Distance first. Then speed.” I would love to hear more of your thoughts on the subject. Thanks for visiting.


  7. I am catching up on my reading and I am glad to see that you are still cranking out the inspiration JoDee. Also, the kid hands with the candle and cake mess reminds me of every birthday party here–nicely done.


    1. Slamdunk, hey, so great to hear from you again. That child’s hand is my nephew’s. Isn’t that a classic shot? Any parent could appreciate the birthday celebration of a toddler.


  8. I am visiting from Cheryl’s place. Seduction takes many forms. We want so hard to believe the seducer. We want to be beautiful, rich, popular, and a great influence. I believe you will be all of that as you write and publish for the Lord.


    1. Hazel, thank you for such an encouraging comment. I truly want to write and publish in a way that pleases the Lord. We live in a world that worships fame, fortune, beauty, and youth. All of which eventually pass away. Thank you for your wisdom.


  9. Great comments on a great post. You must be doing something right. This whole publishing business or desire is one big frustration at times, isn’t it? I hired a teacher from a Writer’s Digest workshop I participated in to read and edit my manuscript. She had written her own manuscript and just recently found an agent for it—after four years.

    I don’t know if I will ever be able to be that patient.

    You’ll probably be seeing my story on my blog before the year is up. 🙂

    ‘Love all your hobbies and interests. You must be very talented and a great friend to have around for craft shows, girl scout meetings, and wedding centerpiece parties.


    1. My current project is a slideshow for my nephew’s wedding this weekend. Yes, I’m often the wedding centerpiece person as well.

      About this publishing business, I’m with you. I don’t think I’m that patient either. I’m intrigued at the thought of self-publishing because I like the idea of learning the process and moving ahead at my own speed. At fifty-two, I’m not impressed by a whole lot of things in life, fame and fortune included. Although I’ve never been there, I’m just sure they must be overrated.

      I’m looking forward to reading your story, whether in book or blog form.


  10. I”m shaking my head “yes” through this whole read. I can relate on so many levels. Single mom – desperate for affection, running ahead of God. I think we may be kindred spirits. Thank you for sharing. This is a really good post.


    1. Hi Diane,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving such an encouraging comment! It sounds like we do have a lot in common! I just saw your amazing angel painting in process via Twitter and think you’re right about us being kindred spirits! Your description of her is as powerful as the painting is amazing!


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