The Passage

Have you ever had a desire seed in your soul and grow until you seriously contemplated its possibility? Perhaps this gentle inkling softly whispered  “One day you’ll write a novel,” or “You’ll inspire others to create.” At first, you brushed the words away as if they were merely Tinkerbell fantasies.

"Elya, you're meant to be a writer."

Yet in time, the idea grew in your heart like a wild vine until it climbed the wall of limitations and trailed down the other side, beckoning you to follow.

I’ve heard it said that you can identify your heart’s desires by tracing the moments when you were the happiest. You just have to ask yourself, “What was I doing at the time? What activities sparked the dimly burning wick of my soul until the flame grew brightly?” Perhaps you remembered the time you acted on stage as a child or performed as part of a band.

If we imagine following our heart’s desires like a heroine in a storybook quest, then we take our tiny candles and look down dark halls until we see the passage before us. At first, what resides on the other side of the passage may not be clear. Yet, we cannot ignore the light of possibility streaming through the open door. We simply must approach the passage.

We can see the entrance up ahead but it’s our choice whether to pass through. Even though our present circumstances may cloak our confidence, those fleeting moments of promise that we can do what we love will drive us towards the doorway.

Recently, I discovered the passage through a series of email interactions with other creative eclectics. These women all possessed similar passions, to pursue their talents for the inspiration and encouragement of others. As we wrote back and forth, I could feel their words spark the candle of hope in my heart.

Ideas I’ve toyed with for years—like joining women in hosting creativity seminars and workshops—seemed like possibilities that could one day come true. I don’t know where the passage will take me, but today I decided to walk towards my heart’s desires. In time, I believe suitable expressions will emerge.

I mused over others joining me in writing with purpose—to sell books to fund literacy for disenfranchised youth. I imagined creative eclectics joining talents to shine hope in dark places where people still search for the passage.

What do you dream of doing? How can you take the next step down the hallway of your life towards the passage?

8 Replies to “The Passage”

  1. I am not sure if I have quite figured out a response to your question 1. As for Q2, I think it involves stepping out of my comfort zone. Taking risks. Approaching people whom I would not think of asking an opinion. Trusting and obeying rather than trusting and shying away.

    It is a work in progress. Glad you are finding such positive interactions via email JoDee. Thanks as usual for making me think.


    1. slamdunk, I’m glad you appreciate my tendency to over think. My endless mental musings make most people tired. I like your Q2 conclusions. I could use more trusting and obeying in my own life.


  2. What a very inspiring post, JoDee. I love the photos of lighted doorways! Beautifully illustrating your post. I dreamed of writing of novel long ago. I may finish it and see what happens then. In the meantime, I have found purpose on the journey, walking one day at a time. Blessings to you, JoDee…


    1. Carol, thank you for the complement. Although I’ve never desired to write a novel, I know so many writers who have. Their love of this form of writing captivates me, and I admire their tenacity to pursue their dreams. I love what you said, “I have found purpose on the journey, walking one day at a time.” I appreciate the peacefulness of your approach to life.


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