The Distractors

Forging forward in following God’s will is difficult at best. At times, we do not clearly see the road before us. Like driving in a thunderous downpour, sights and sounds spook our senses and cause us to cling to the steering wheel with a white-knuckle grip.

Doubts pummel our thoughts until we can no longer see the road.

Only those steady of heart, soul, and mind will stay on the road God sets before them. Look to the white line of what He last spoke to you and follow it with every fiber of your being. Distractors will surely come and with them the impulse to veer off course.

I also envision a distractor like a random bird that hits your windshield with a splat. Perhaps you have a dream of a former love gone bad or more tempting, a former happy time when your life seemed less complicated. Perhaps a past addiction lifts its ugly head once again. Whatever the distractor, you find yourselves blinded by bird feathers stuck in your vision’s windshield wipers. You need to stop, remove the menace through writing or sharing with a trusted friend, and then get back on your life road once again.

If you don’t, you will find yourselves running amuck up a go nowhere embankment or plummeting into a ditch of disappointment.

Another distractor is the allure of fame and fortune. Whatever talent you try to market, this temptation to drive to the top of a distant hill keeps you fixated on tasks that the car of God’s will for you does not possess. Like taking an off-road jaunt on bumpy terrain, you find your life purposes were not built for such a sharp, rigorous incline. Sheepishly, you turn around and drive back down to find the right road once again.

For me, discerning between life’s distractions and obstacles to overcome requires dependency upon a power greater than me. Whenever I come upon distractors, I pray the Twelve-step prayer:

“Praying only for the knowledge of God’s will and the power to carry that out.”

Often living out that prayer requires steady progress upon a path that, at times, may seem quite boring and straight.

What are the distractors that have recently splattered upon your life’s windshield? How did you pull off the feathers so you could see clearly once again? Are the feathers still stuck?

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11 Replies to “The Distractors”

  1. Love your photos. Yes, the line on the side of the road, be it white or orange or yellow, does keep us from falling off the highway. God’s word is like that to distract us from things that get in our way of following him. At least, I am not worried about being distracted from “fame and fortune” Your post is so very timely!


    1. Cheryl, I often have to remind myself of this. I’m so ready to look for something new and exciting instead of faithfully following through with what I felt so certain about. Thanks for commiserating with me.


  2. Your photos are amazing. You have a real talent there. I especially like the first one with your image in the water.

    There are so many distractions that it can be like keeping the car on the road during a blizzard. I always second-guess myself about whether or not I even know what my path should be.


    1. Janna, I can so relate with your comment about doubting what your path should be. I have the same thoughts on a regular basis. Just about the time I’m sure I should follow a certain direction, I find myself second-guessing my decision. I’m relieved to know I’m not alone.

      Thanks for the photography complement. However, I’ve got to admit that the water photo is from a PowerPoint slide I converted into a jpeg and then altered using Photoshop 🙂


  3. We are featuring this post at the High Calling ( today around noon as one of our best posts of the month. Keep writing!
    David Rupert, Newsletter Editor


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