True American Idols

 My father fought in distant seas
So I could live in peace
Two sunken ships he paddled from
Now give my soul release

 To drive as free man towards the dawn
Because our soldiers paid
A price that only touches some
On this Memorial Day

My cell phone sounds. I pick up and hear my husband’s voice burst through my morning repose:

“You know who the true American Idols are? The service men and women who fought so I could enjoy driving towards this sunrise. You should write a post about that to remind people of Memorial Day’s meaning. For most people, this is just another holiday, but soldiers fought so we could enjoy the life we now live.”

My husband’s father actually survived the sinking of two ships during his Navy service in World War II. Pops is a man of honor whose pride for his country and love of his family still twinkles in his eighty-eight year-old eyes.

Though you have to coerce him to tell his war stories, just his peaceful presence reminds me of the sacrifices he made so I can enjoy my freedom.

My own father served in the Navy during the Korean War. He still emulates the honor and traditions learned during his time of service.

He will always be my hero.

My stepson, Jason, survived three explosions in Iraq when the army hummers he rode in hit IEDs. He will forever walk with a limp from a war injury, but his honor for his country and his appreciation of life inspire many.

My nephew, Jacob, currently serves in the Air Force. Although the separation tears his parents’ hearts in two, they respect the choice he made to serve his country.

So today I post in honor of all the war veterans who have served our country and who currently serve. Justin (my husband) and I thank you for giving so much so we can enjoy our freedom.





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12 Replies to “True American Idols”

  1. Your family has given much to protect and defend our nation. You must be very proud of them. I thank God for them and others willing to love and guard this land of ours, to fight for our freedom wherever the challenge takes them. Blessings to you, JoDee…


  2. Amen. My thanks to those in your family who have/are giving so much for freedom.

    I pray nightly for those serving our country, and am thankful to the many brave men and women who have done so in the past.


  3. Thank you JoDee for expressing, so well, my own feelings for the sacrifice of so many families in order that we may live in freedom and safety!!! God bless and protect them all. Dolores


    1. Dolores, I’m touched that the post expressed your feelings. When my husband suggested the post, I knew he was right. The soldiers and their families who have sacrificed for our freedoms deserve to be honored on Memorial Day and remembered throughout the year.


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