Money vanishes on wings of circumstance—not as a homing pigeon returning to roost… but like a wild hawk breaking free of the tether. And yet, we mortals breathe in cultural winds that promise swift returns and scurry to fill the empty cage with another beast of prey.

Surrender—how poignant and yet so difficult. “Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from Me; yet not My will, but Yours be done.” These words Jesus cried with his last breath still resonate throughout the ages. I pray them when my crafty schemes, hard work, and due diligence wane. I whisper them when only difficulties remain. I rehearse them as if a mantra when the puzzle pieces of my destiny drop and scatter. When money runs dry, I sip them as if sweet nectar settled in the bottom of my life’s cup .

And in the morning, I find a dove of peace resting inside.

Possibilities bloom…when I surrender.

12 Replies to “Surrender”

  1. The flowers look very fresh and renewed. Is it because they are dripping baptismal water? It would seem so. It is a great paradox, but not for those who understand that when you surrender to Jesus you win. I try not to use the word surrender though. I like the phrase “accepting His invitation”


  2. JoDee,
    This is a beautiful post – so real. I love how it ends – without an ending – just the struggle hanging in the air. Well done!!
    These photos of the flowers are fantastic! These are your originals? WOW! I can’t believe how your photography is TAKING OFF! Don’t lose heart, just keep planting your seeds and watering them. In time the full-grown plants WILL come sister!!


    1. Yes, these are my own photos. Remember the dream I had years ago that we were planting seeds together? I have soooo much to tell you. A garden is growing in my heart and mind, and I’m convinced we will cultivate our dreams together.


    1. Slamdunk, I like how you put that, “the experiential lesson of trust.” I agree, trust is merely an intellectual concept until we have to live it in our daily circumstances.


  3. Love the photos and the words of wisdom. It is so difficult to be content and at peace in our circumstances but knowin how the story ends helps when you are in the thick of the plot not knowing what is just around the corner.


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