Finding the Right Fit

Perhaps it is in the “believing without knowing” that pleases God. 

Have you ever tried on clothes that don’t fit quite right? I have. In fact, every time I shop, sleeves squish my skin and buttons pull apart. Finding the right fit frustrates me.

Then there’s those surreal moments when you slip the perfect dress over your head and the fabric falls and forms. The outfit looks fashionable yet allows you to move freely.

“Ah, this is it.” You sigh to no one save your own satisfied soul.

I wonder whether finding God’s will for our lives is much like finding the right fit of clothing. We wrestle with our identity; some roles squish our freedom while others fall short of covering our full potential.

We agonize over the process until the perfect comes and to our surprise, the right fit has nothing to do with what we do but who He is.

We settle, so to speak, on a place of rest against the broad chest of our Heavenly Father…without questions answered or directions firmed. We believe in His goodness without knowing with all certainty what we are to do. And that, my friends, is the right fit.

2 Replies to “Finding the Right Fit”

  1. I like the way you described the perfect fit when it comes to finding the will of God. Whatever it is, it fits. We don’t have to try it on because we know. Blessings to you, JoDee…


  2. I like the connection you made JoDee. Even though I am the worst clothes shopper–there is something that can be taken from that notion and connected with the comfort in finding God’s will as well.


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