Invisible Guide

Spent a lifetime searching for you
Unseen guide eluding grasp
Only remnants of your presence
Miracles seen in my past

Yes the trail of all your wonders
Strewn behind my tender steps
Evidence of glory’s sunder
Though the path before me kept

Blindly I will surely follow
Seeking for your shrouded will
Down through darkened valleys follow
Trusting purpose to reveal

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.'” Isaiah 30:21

Today I ponder the mystery of following the Holy Spirit. The path before me often seems veiled in purpose, though at times I am so certain of the direction. To my chagrin, what I anticipate as the next best step seldom ends up being my correct course.

Perhaps the Holy Spirit guides us from behind. From my vantage, it seems that often the past contains the only sure evidence of His presence. I can look over the shoulder of years gone by and see how intricately He guided my direction, even though I seemed to have muddled through most of life’s decisions.

What a wonderful God we follow whom invisibly prepares our destiny. Is this the walk of faith required? Those who truly love Him more than knowing what comes next will follow such an elusive guide. Those who only care about certainty and control will fall aside in the midst of such rigors of trust.

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8 Replies to “Invisible Guide”

  1. The key I have found is to always sleep on it per a major decision or course of action. Pray for guidance. Be available to hear. Listen. I am astonished on how many times a “clear as day answer” arrives. Often doing nothing is a wise choice as well


  2. There are unsolved mysteries in my life. I expect God to reveal the answers to me someday. Once (only a few years ago) I prayed constantly for guidance on an important matter, only to receive silence that seemed to indicate whichever path I chose God would bless. One path protected my husband and me, while the other protected my family but put us at risk. We chose to help my family. God’s blessing was to walk with us through a very dark valley! In the end, by a combination of miracles, my husband and I were rescued. Most family members involved are still suffering (breaks my heart), with the exception of my two teenager grandchildren, who are doing very well.

    Sometimes God makes our path plain, but there are times that His guidance seems indefinable. I still don’t have the answer, and I’m still looking for it. A little at a time God is revealing things to me as I look back, just as you point out, but much still remains unanswered for me. Yet, I know He is faithful. I wish I could say “mission accomplished”, but my mission was not accomplished. Still I believe that God accomplished His purpose anyway. Thank you for your post full of wisdom and truth. Blessings to you, JoDee…


    1. Carol, I relate with what you wrote and have had similar experiences as you shared. Sometimes I wonder whether the Lord leaves the mystery in so we will cling to Him. Just a thought…


    1. Norma, I’m honored. I wrote that piece years ago and every now and then mull it over in my mind. The concept ripened as I aged and repeatedly experienced the perplexing ways of God.


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