Garden Shift: Finding New Places to Blossom

My war with the squirrels took a recent turn. Here’s why. I planted; they nibbled until the new blooms disappeared. They munched on the Shasta Daisy leaves until only stubs remained. Oh and the botanist who insisted that marigolds repeal squirrels, not true. Those little devils uprooted the plants, nibbled on the roots, and then devoured the petals and flowers. After their hearty lunch, the vermin stretched out on the lawn for what I’m convinced was an after meal belch. You can read the entire post on my creativity site, “Garden Shift: Finding New Places to Blossom.”

3 Replies to “Garden Shift: Finding New Places to Blossom”

  1. As you said, moving them out front allows others to enjoy their beauty. Sounds like a good solution to me!

    If you continue having trouble with the squirrels, you might try powdered fox urine (we used Shake Away). Yes, it sounds nasty, but it worked when rabbits were eating our plants down to twigs (and then used our drip line as a water fountain.) Since foxes are predators of rabbits, the rabbits smell the urine and avoid the area. The canister says it works for squirrels and gophers, too.

    Good luck! I hope your beautiful garden survives the hungry squirrels.


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