A Writing Retreat

This week I nestled to write in a luxurious vacation home in the mountains above Edwards, Colorado, a gift from Kay Johnson’s sister-in-law.

Kay and I reunited through Facebook and hadn’t seen each other for twenty-eight years. Previously, we had danced in an international performing arts team together.

So when Kay’s sister-in-law offered her home for a week-long writing retreat, we both decided to take her up on the offer.

Along with our two children, Elya and Michael, we spent our days writing, brainstorming ideas, sharing stories, eating, and exploring.

 The agenda for the week was simply “NO AGENDA!”

Design by Kay Johnson

Just four writers determined to see where our creative inklings would lead us.

I haven’t done much blogging, but this week has delighted me in amazing ways. What an indulgence to awaken and write with deer grazing outside the window.

This morning I saw a fawn following her mother up the hill.

Yes, our vision for collaborative projects did take form. Each of us enjoyed nature and creativity in new and unique ways; however, the most precious take-away I left this mountain retreat with was a renewed appreciation for the generous nature of God. I don’t need to have all of the answers concerning my future direction as a writer and artist. Today my heart fills with the wonder of creation and gratefulness for the blessings I received this week on a writing retreat.


22 Replies to “A Writing Retreat”

  1. These affairs can be so refreshing. Even an hour by the pool or time at the beach(one without boom boxes blasting rap music) gives me a little feeling of vacation for just part of the day. Re-energizes.


    1. Ann, I know…pretty incredible. I thought the “vacation home” would be a modest cabin but when we got there, it was a mansion. Isn’t God good :). Ideas and inspiration definitely popped!


    1. Charity, thanks so much for the encouraging comment. I’m often labeled ADHD by others who do not understand the temperament I inherited/learned from my mother. I’m glad that my diverse interests and talents inspire you. Reading your comment reaffirms that I’m not odd but just unique.


  2. Glad you had the opportunity to reconnect and share some good times in such a beautiful place. There is a forested cut-through in our development and the kids always stop to peek for deer–they are rewarded with a glimpse of a white tail about 1/4 of the time.


  3. I have been thinking a lot about writing with other people, collaborating. Ann K led me to this post, and she and I decided to write about it and link back to here for There and Back Again, connecting it to our own experiences and interest in writing together. You inspired us, though we were also a bit jealous! (I think she commented to that effect above!) I said it before, but your creative life is such an example. I long to live always creating, writing, painting, sharing. Thank you for doing this so well, JoDee.


    1. Charity, I just read your post and got very emotional. You expressed my deepest longings. I have lived a lonely writer’s life for a very long time and have prayed unceasingly for writing friends. Reuniting with Kay is an answer to those prayers as is meeting you wonderful women from The High Calling. I feel like this is the beginning of a new adventure in collaborative writing. Kay and I were missionaries together on an international performing arts team. How incredible to now have her as a writing partner. I love your prompts and was thinking about getting involved. Thank you so very much for the encouragement.


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