Fitting Together the Summer Puzzle

Summer days spiral past like spinning tops. I don’t know where they went or how they moved by so quickly. I think I might have planned too many fun trips into one summer.

But then again, I think, isn’t that what summers are for? Making memories with those we love should take precedence over home improvement projects and creativity business plans, shouldn’t it? There’s room for all I’m certain. I just need to fit the pieces of my summer puzzle together.

I hadn’t been home from the Apple Farm excursion but a few days when my husband and I took my daughter and her friends wake boarding and tubing for a pre-birthday treat.

Elya and Matt catching air

We came home from a fun-filled day and rode the beach cruisers Justin bought at a garage sale that morning. I squealed while the bike sped down the street, “I feel like a kid again!”

In a few days, I leave for Michigan to help my best friend prepare for her daughter’s wedding.

Barbie altering Kadie's wedding dress

Then another boating trip with our children and the schedule packs to the end of August. Add to this the review of my book’s mock up, which will be completed soon. There is a press release to write, book cover to design, and a media package to plan.

Yes, the summer of 2011 will be a memorable season of my life. This was the time when I joined hands with family and friends and my first self-publishing project. Together we moved forward and had the times of our lives.

Josiah, Justin, Me, Elya, Matt

7 Replies to “Fitting Together the Summer Puzzle”

    1. Fi, now those are some noteworthy summer ambitions. Having amused my children in their younger years, I can attest to the amount of time and attention that takes. I often wonder how I would have fit writing manuscripts in when they were young. Good for you! I also don’t like the housework part.


  1. Go JoDee go. It sounds like you all are enjoying every minute of summer.

    Safe travels to Michigan and I hope you and your friend find some time to enjoy in the midst of all the important work.


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