Why I Need to Travel

Hmmm…..did I pack my allergy meds?

Don’t forget your phone charger. Pack your computer cable.

I’d better buy new earplugs. The old ones won’t keep out the noise so I can sleep on the plane.

This is a splattering of my inner dialogue the day before I leave on a trip. 

I need to travel because I’m becoming inflexible, a real control freak. That’s right. The older I get, the more I become set in my ways. I’ve gotten addicted to my routines and steeped in these odd little idiosyncrasies like sleeping with two pillows—a short and a long one; eating shredded wheat cereal for breakfast; floating a spoon in my coffee from all the creamer—just to name a few.

I need to travel so I can remember what adventure feels like—getting out of my little hovel and venturing into the unknown. Ok, so I packed everything in a carry on because I’m paranoid about my luggage getting lost. After all, it did happen to me three times in two years.

I’m writing at the LAX airport while I wait for my plane to board (I left for the airport at 4:00am because I was afraid that I would miss a 7:55 am flight). I’m traveling to Michigan so I can attend my bf’’s daughter’s wedding.

Although I’m excited right now, yesterday’s travel jitters compelled me to do eccentric things like drive around for hours to different stores because I kept forgetting things at the last store…tried to find that blasted tiny tube of toothpaste; my favorite earplugs, a soft cloth for cleaning my glasses, travel size toiletries, a quart size plastic bag.

I need to travel because I need to change: my location, my mindset, and my approach to life. I crave spontaneous photo shoots, hours full of giggles with Barbie (my bff), tears as I watch her daughter, Kadie, walk down the aisle in her white gown. Yes, I need to travel now and then so I can become nimble once again.

*Author’s side note. I just heard a loud yell and then a chorus of yells. Security guards appeared in mass and stopped all people from passing. Great, I thought, just when I was working through my jitters. Thankfully it was a false alarm.

Photo Credit for twisted airplane pic:  http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ptitlesuqqsfypos4b

8 Replies to “Why I Need to Travel”

  1. Oh, JoDee, this all sounds so familiar! I used to travel so much, my suitcase never was really empty. Now…I’m also getting set in my ways and often find myself not wanting to go anywhere.

    Thank you!


  2. hahaha. I love it. Don’t worry. We can keep each other from becoming too old and crotchety! (I won’t tell you you’re crotchety if you don’t tell me, ok?) Have fun at the wedding!


  3. Love this. I NEED to travel in winter to change my scenery. Minnesota is a great place to visit in the spring, summer and fall 🙂 Have a blessed trip and fun fellowship. Jeanne


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