What do you love to do the most?

I watched my grown son and two-year-old great-nephew run around in circles with blanket and  dish towel capes tied around their necks. Little Stephen Michael squealed, “I’m flying, I’m Superman,” while Josiah pranced like an Arabian horse. I videoed the scene thinking, this is priceless. I’ve got to capture this candid moment before it passes!

This morning while I drove to work, I asked myself a question, “JoDee, what do you love to do the most?” Maybe the answer came quickly because the family evening was fresh in my thoughts: I love to teach students to read. I love to work with words, to create art, and to inspire people to do the same.

I reread this post from 7 years ago and decided to update with a current photo of my sis and I in front of our art booth at the Kaleidoscope Art Show we did together in the fall. Our creativity has come a long way since the first writing of this post.

This obvious insight followed: Then do those things for the pure enjoyment of doing them.

I like this question, the accompanying answer, and the insight. If I do nothing else as a writer, I want to get this part right. It’s so easy to let marketing strategies muddy the clear stream of intent. Every so often I need to ask myself this question because it acts as a filter to purify my choices.

I was invited to present at the Literacy Lifts Conference in December, 2017. Another wonderful opportunity that came my way because I’ve done what I love.

I want to hold onto the childlike play that makes creativity so delightful. The kind of impetuous fun I videoed as my great-nephew and grown son romped around the room. If I lose this along the self-publishing path, then I’ve lost the very inspiration I intended my book to bring.

So, I urge you to ask yourself this question, “What do you love to do the most?” Whatever your answer is, put a cape on and run towards it screaming “I can fly!”

Here is a link to my book:  Refrain from the Identical: Insight and Inspiration for Creative Eclectics.







3 Replies to “What do you love to do the most?”

  1. That is the million dollar question for me these days. I have so many interests and feel as I get older that time is running out to make an impact on my world. Where to focus, what to do…..
    Love the video, sweet!


    1. flyinggma,

      I have the same problem. I think the realization of time running out happens as we age. That’s why I ask myself this question regularly. It seems to help me focus on a few things I love the most.


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