We will never forget!

Last January, my husband, our daughters, and I had the privilege of visiting Ground Zero, the site of the memorial then in the construction process.

We walked solemnly around the perimeter, through the information centers, and visited the memorial in St. Paul’s church. This church miraculously remained intact even though the location is right across the street.

The memorial inside the church moved visitors to tears. You can read how the church served as a center for rescue workers. Photography is prohibited, out of respect for the deceased, but the images are still etched in my mind. Photos of this horrific event juxtaposition next to those of people who died and rescue workers who gave selflessly to help. This is the Liberty Bell that still hangs in front of the church.

My heart fills with gratefulness for those who lost their lives on that fateful September 11th day. Today I join with those around the world who remember them.

We will never forget!

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