Journey into the Soul: Dealing with your Dark Muse

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then masquerade masks frame these portals. Eyes transform into mystical moorings when we see them peering through a mask. We might find this inexplicable desire to venture inside the mind of the masked person.

A creative person opens the portals to his or her soul through the process of sharing artwork, writing, or music etc. If we accept the invitation, we push-off from the dock and embark on a journey into mystical realms. We may even wonder: What was he or she thinking when she made this piece of artwork?

Yet the greater adventure the artistic person presents to us is to face our own dark muse that drives us to create. If we journey into our soul, we confront the pleasure and pain resident there; we wrestle with our need for unconditional love that motivates us to create in order to mask our lack. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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