Christmas Angel Ideas for Crafting

This is a post for all of you crafty angel lovers out there. I thought it would be fun to share some angels that my sister and I made when we had our arts and craft business called Heartwarmers. 

We designed simple patterns for the bodies that we made from muslin fabric. We sewed the bodies inside out and then turned and stuffed them.

We created dresses from different kinds of fabrics. Damask tablecloths create an elegant look. Doilies make wonderful lace accessories. You can buy doll hair from an arts and crafts store. Gina painted the eyes with black acrylic paint, the mouth and eye lashes with a fine marker, and cheeks with rouge.

We used embellishments that included (but was not limited to) wood pieces Gina painted, fabric yo yo’s, sprigs of Christmas florals, dough sculptures, and musical instrument ornaments.

We used wood, tin, cloth, or old quilts for the wings.

You can explore different ways to make your angels depending upon your home decorating style.

You can sew your angels on Christmas stockings. We created stockings by making our own patterns. Soak the fabric in water with tea bags to create a vintage look.

The stocking trim, heel, and toe are embroidered by hand as are the patches. As you can see, these are labors of love, but ones you can appreciate year after year as you stuff them full of surprises.

Angels are delightful Christmas decorations and reminders of that first Christmas so long ago.

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We are, after all, chosen to create! 

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