Salt Dough Sculpture How To Video

Excited to be a feature artist on Crafty as B Bradley's YouTube channel, demonstrating how to make a Salt Dough Sculpture . Salt dough sculpture is a wonderful craft that can be enjoyed by all ages. Here are some posts you can explore for ideas and tips:    

A Recipe for Creativity

The rumbling inside bubbles; a brook of new beginnings beckons. Creativity’s call to contemplate and create. Newness surges, rushes over obstacles I’ve allowed to stymie me, to close my art room door, when I’m on the wrong side. So I wrestle with all of my realities, I’m too busy…need to go to the gym…fix up the house …

Floral Center Piece Craft Ideas

Spruce you home up with unique country decor floral arrangements. These center pieces are created with rusty bed coils, nests, and bird houses. I found the rusty springs in the field behind my home. If you don't have rusty springs, try substituting other unique antiques or items like clay pots. Here's a video that will …

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