The Daily Creative Challenge

“Behold I do something new.”

What if we did, said, or shared something creative every day? Creativity gives life, and we have a creative God who never stops imagining and sharing, so why can’t we do the same?

What if every morning we asked these questions, “Lord, what do you have for me to do today? Is there something creative I can make or share?”

I often ask the first question but not the second; however, I’ve run into three of my students (two former and one current) in the last three days, which got me thinking about the second question. Each encounter reminded me to encourage others because each one expressed thankfulness for the impact I had in their lives.

“Now it will spring forth…”

“Mrs. Luna?”

I heard someone call my name while I walked through a country coffee shop. I’d been sitting outside around a café table signing books for my mother and her best friend.

“Mrs. Luna, is that you?”

I looked up to see Evan.

“Evan.” I melted like butter spread over warm toast.

“How are you Evan?” I asked. Evan was a young man who captured my heart because of his kind soul and desire to do well in school.

He told me that he was attending the local junior college but would transfer to a university to become either an engineer or something in the medical profession. I encouraged him and then blurted, “I finally finished my book I’d told your class about so long ago.” It felt great to run outside, grab my mom’s book, and show him the finished product.

“See, you, too, can accomplish your dreams.” I added.

“Will you not be aware of it?”

I heard another student call my name while I mailed books to friends who had helped me along the way. Then yesterday, while in a local store, I heard “Mrs. Luna” again. During this interaction, the student told me how she loves to write songs for hours.

“I will even make a roadway in the wilderness.”

Inherent in innovation is giving. God often gives to us in little-blessing sizes. Why not trust Him for ways we can pass on our creativity and encouragement to others?

“Rivers in the desert.”

The thought occurred to me, maybe I should approach my creativity from the perspective of giving, whether a kind word, an artsy gift, or a signed book.

So I’ve decided to take the daily creative challenge. Each day, I will pray, “Is there something creative I can make or share?” I’ll post some of the blessings that come my way and those I share with others. I’d love to hear about yours so please leave a comment or send me yours in an email and indicate whether I can share it on this website. Let’s spread a little creative cheer.

*A special thanks to my students whose artwork I featured. Their names were not included in order to protect their identities.

*Scriptural quotes, Isaiah 43:19, is from

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